Moirai- A Tale of Obsession and Revenge Part 4

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And so it was, that Moirai was going to battle the Capadocians. His battle with them raged on and off as the CoB/SIE war ravaged forth. Nights would pass in silence, then the attacks would recommence.

Moirai states that UnicornDream, upon his being sumarily booted from CoB, tried desperately to persuade her peers and to get the others to zero him, but to no avail. Other former members of the CoB at the time, claim this was never the case, yet still the bad blood between Moirai and the members of the Capadocian Clans “Inferno House” strengthened and continued.

Hesu, as well as most of the city, forgot about the fray beteen these two rivals. Her attention was reasonably focused on what was left of the CoB and how her own battle would soon end. The eminent end of the war between these two clan factions and the veritable destruction of the Church of Blood became a memory in time and periodically Hesu would see Moirai or hear from him.

“They are attacking me with thralls” Moirai declared to her one night, and he told her he was in discussion with the Lord of the City, the creator and master of all things and that soon, the thrall issue would be obvious to all. Vampires were attacking Moirai called Holywater 3 and Holy Water 4. Many of them had similar names to Capadocians, yet when written in ink, they were spelled differently and in a middle of just such a discussion, between Moirai and Hesu the ID bracelets rained down from the sky, appearing perminantly engraved on everyone arm.

Together Moirai and Hesu begane scanning the IDs and over and over they began to match. desmb3, Quiet_vamp and about 56 other vampires, many that had just recently attacked Moirai, and they matched up in kind. Suggesting that they were all run by the same mind and in so doing they began to disappear. “Deleted due to cheating, deleted due to cheating” rang out across the city and arguments ensued between Quiet_vamp desmb3 and Moirai with Hesu as moderator.

It was only the beginning…