A Fireside Chat with Boomerangele of the Sun Clan

2 minute read

The Sun Clan celebrates their 4th year today. Quite an illustrious feat in a turbulent city such as RavenBlackCity.

I took some time out to sit with Boomer and discuss the beginnings of the clan and her recollections of the city and clans back then. Here is how it went…

Hesu: So was Sun Clan your first clan?

Boomer: Yes

Hesu: Who was the founding Patriarch or Matriarch?

Boomer: The Sun founded The Sun Clan, hence the name.

Hesu: I figured that Hesu: Was it always designed to be a neutral or peaceful clan?

Boomer: Yes I believe so

Hesu: When did you join the clan?

Boomer: June 2004 Boomer: I had been in RBB looking around for a few months and decided on a neutral clan

Hesu: Ahhh Hesu: Can you tell me a little about those days and the active clans?

Boomer: The Church of Blood and the Cap Clan were very active as was the Shadow Court. These were the clans which dominated RBB at the time. It was because of their actions and interactions that I chose another path.

Hesu: Ahhh Hesu: Would you care to elaborate? Hesu: What were they doing that made you cling to the veil of neutrality?

Boomer: I do not find insults to be a useful form of communication.

Hesu: Indeed Hesu: You have been with the Sun Clan for a long time Hesu: and in that time, you must have experienced much elated times as well as bad times. Hesu: Would you be so kind as to share what you recall as your worse and best moments

Boomer: The worst moment for the clan was when several members were attacked and it lead us to have to zero the offending vampire. Boomer: I was not involved in the attack or the defense.

Hesu: May I ask who the vampire that was zeroed was?

Boomer: Darksoul9, I am not precisely sure Boomer: As for the best moment - well I am a little biased here - torch and my binding. Boomer: It was a big to do in the clan. Boomer: The Sun officiated

Hesu: That is a reasonable fond memory I think

Boomer: There were probably two dozen Solars Boomer: W blocked the hall and all the squares around.

Hesu: I am sure it was a sight to be seen Hesu: Well the clan is rather quiet these days… what do you see in your future?

Boomer: We have always been and will likely continue to be quiet in the City.

Hesu: Are the same leaders in place as when it began? Hesu: I know you and Torch lead now as well yes?

Boomer: No, we have changed leaders over the years. Boomer: We rule by chancellorship with a Triumvirate for quick decisions.

Hesu: I see

Boomer: Most decisions are put before all the 7 chancellors

Hesu: I would like to wish you the best

Boomer: Thank you!

Hesu: and offer a toast to a long future

Boomer: It is not often we step out of the Ivory Tower but I think this is one occasion that the City should know about, whether or not they respect our philosophy.