Noches Oscuras Dead and Buried

1 minute read

In yet another unexpected turn of events, Shaarinya has severed herself from her partner jimmher, who is currently dead and buried but reportedly returning from the dead. jimmher, a vampire for which Shaarinya has repeatedly declared her eternal love and devotion, is now dead and buried and severed.

In an even more dramatic move, Shaarinya has burned Noches Oscuras to the ground declaring “The stigma associated with the name of the clan due to jimmher’s actions, are something that can never be redeemed….I cannot be held accountable for his actions anymore. A fresh start for all of us, and my clan stands behind me.”

When asked by Velvet_Kiss how she felt about her actions, Shaarinya replied, “In regards to severing I feel as though I have been more fair than anyone else in this city ever would be, I have given more chances only to be insulted and degraded because of him and his total lack of respect for any authority that opposes him is ridiculous.”

The new clan will be called Immortalis Decretum per Cruor aka I.D.C, though word on the street claims only the two were left in Noches Oscuras before this occurrence.

In her final statement to this paper, Shaarinya declared, “If jimmher arises from the grave…I wish him well, he will never be a leader in my clan ever again…”

This report written by Velvet Kiss and Hesu