The Scariest Vampire in the City is…

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Vermathrax rex

Considering the selections and how many of these seem to try and scare us with such tactics as silence, shadows, and basically ignoring the city at large-the limited choices in the pack makes choosing somewhat easy, doesn’t it?

vermathrax Bellina’s husband veteran cosmic rocker


Wow. I wonder who came up with this selection of “scary” vampires. Seems to me that a good number of those listed have either been huddled up in shadows or have gone into seclusion for too long to even have the slightest effect on the City at large. Ah well, just makes my decision that much easier.

Annabelle Lady in White


OMG, for christ sake, don’t encourage Pan. :P

-AQelDroma Queen of Heorot wife of Capadocious


Why is it that Willhelm has not made this list? He is as scary as they come.

My 2 cents

Brutus of DOA


How’s about….none of these? ;)

Jada Forever Marco’s Mother of Xedanis Sister of jerseydevil, Dark_Violetta & ladydarkness


Damari opens paper, pulls out pen and makes little squiggle marks over her copy of paper. Silently reading and scribbling notes in the borders of the paper.

What The ‘ The name says it all Sangfroid ‘ scarily organized but not scary boo scary Brutus ‘ piff eerr not really AQel ‘ She runs a mean war room Hesu ‘ She runs a mean ass clan Evilbill ‘ does the so so hand thing Jean DeVenn ‘ He’s absolutely fabulous, but so not scary Pandrora ‘ She’s got a tongue that cuts. That can be scary Ophelia ‘ snort Give me a break Archangel ‘ Don’t really know this one. Does pain in ass count? Seyda - wiggles fingers Nonion - THIS one scares me. Moirai ‘ When he isn’t bitching and moaning Heimdag ‘ Dude. He’s never been scary. Scholarly, yes. Scary. Nup Demonic Diati - arches eyebrow RoD ‘ Sonny? grins
road_wytch dances Jauk rolls eyes The Donkey pulls out gun Lucius kisses all over

Selects Nonion and sends back poll to Editor.

Damari Épouse de Lucius


Well I must have done something right as my son is one scarry pire … can’t say much for some of the others on the list … hahahaha …


There aren’t any ‘pires on that list that are scary or would even give one pause.looks for the no option button ><

ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


takes a peak and wonders how some of these would even be on a current list Hmmm… What The - one of the vampires I respect the most, certainly wouldn’t want to piss her off… she’s definately list-worthy! sangfroid - Good fighter - definately list-worthy. Brutus - dies laughing A Cap? AQel - more laughter Hesu - Erm… no. evilbill - Maybe at one point, but now he’s always going to be EmoBill in my eyes. Jean DeVenn - No-didly-oh-no-way. Pandrora - Not worthy of this list. ophelia - hugs her beloved sire Definately quiz-worthy. Archangel - Yeah, I suppose I’d be scared… that he’d BORE me to death… Seyda - Who? Nonion - Well… I guess she’d probably give some of these people a run for their money… Moirai - Definately list-worthy! Heimdag - Ditto Heimdag. He’s got that bad-ass reputation for a reason. Demonic Diati - Who? Another Cap? laughs again RoD - Nope - about as scary as Jean. road_wytch - Don’t know enough about this one. Jauk - I’m scared she’ll write mean things about me :D The Donkey - The donkey’s too cute to be scary. Lucius - Lucius isn’t scary, but he must be a brave lad to have to wake up to his wife’s face every day.

casts her vote and walks away humming


I’m already noticing biased from a few comments…..But also need to define what kinda scary are we talking about? I could come up with something which is SCARY for each one of these peeps…

If we’re referencing SCARY, as in, whom of these choices strikes the most fear amongst the masses? To me it’s amongst ophelia, AQD, Hesu, and Seyda. All four of these women are powerful, intelligent, and does anyone REALLY have any idea what they’re fully capable of?

Considering the lack of an all-out war for over a year….many things happen in that time….But what I do know is, these four have huge influence in the City and I know for fact all four make significant impacts in all they do.

Just my two coins for a Ferry ride. ;)

Me? Scary? Well…..I’m much more the Lover than the Boogeyman anyways. ;)


Heyyy…I think I’m scarier than Jean!!!

puts on hockey mask



Narcisssa, You really need to keep up on the goings on in the city, Brutus and DD - Caps, Don’t think so.

Brutus of DOA


I do keep up with the ongoings of the city. shrugs I just follow the news that’s actually worthy, and no offence, but yours… isn’t.


nuff said