AQelDroma and her Valentine

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This is an old and historically majestic city. Time changes everything and absolutely nothing. In just a short time, AQelDroma and Capadocious will be celebrating their 2nd year of marriage, which as we all know, is the equivalent of 200 years in other worlds.

Wed on February 14, 2005, this pair has been through a great deal of trials and tribulations, but no one can doubt their resilience nor their ability to keep it “real.”

There are very few couples that have made it that far, and some that have been bound to since the beginning of time. Some have jumped from mate to mate, like a bee to a flower. Week after week causing drama and blame. Sometimes even losing their beloved clan over a romance of which they simply could not let go. Some have based their very future on the power of their mate… though almost everyone that has ever used a mate to rise to power, and not had the intelligence and backbone to back it up has failed.

The following is a conversation with AQelDroma about her experiences with Capadocious and her history in the city.

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Hesu: How did you and Capadocious meet?

alyssaqeldroma: Hey Cap, I want to be in your clan, you should make me your second in command HWs Cap alyssaqeldroma: AQD, I don’t know who you are, but you owe me 800 BP, or 20,000 coins for necro. My clan will be happy to kill you. Or, you can join our dojo and I’ll consider all bets off. alyssaqeldroma: ^almost exactly how it happened

Hesu: heh Hesu: and then what?

alyssaqeldroma: I ignored him for a month, then finally said “fine!”

Hesu: did he keep threatening you Hesu: until you joined?

alyssaqeldroma: graduated from his dojo to his warrior leader in three weeks, left his clan when he left the city and his clan under Cerridwen’s control alyssaqeldroma: No alyssaqeldroma: i think he forgot

Hesu: ahhh Hesu: he was bound to cerri then?

alyssaqeldroma: He returned a few days later and asked me back alyssaqeldroma: yes. This was directly after the Shadow Court had left the Dynasty

Hesu: this is before my time

alyssaqeldroma: I was the Capadocian warrior leader in the first generation of Caps after the Dynasty alyssaqeldroma: Three days later, Cap comes back to the city and asks me to rejoin alyssaqeldroma: I do, but warn him that this was a sign of weakness, and i am tempted to steal his clan alyssaqeldroma: he doesn’t take that threat seriously alyssaqeldroma: a week later I walk out with about half his active warriors. lol alyssaqeldroma: He didn’t speak to me for a few months after that alyssaqeldroma: the Cap/HoH war happened about eight months after that alyssaqeldroma: Cap had gone to EB of the CoB and ophelia of the SC alyssaqeldroma: to make a deal to attack HoH together alyssaqeldroma: I was given the conference logs

Hesu: that sounds just about his speed

alyssaqeldroma: so we zeroed Cap and launched a war against the Capadocians alyssaqeldroma: I now believe that those logs were forged alyssaqeldroma: to make it sound as if he had brought that up first

Hesu: who gave you the logs?

alyssaqeldroma: this is based on information i’ve later learned from Lucius alyssaqeldroma: taps side of nose alyssaqeldroma: It may be ancient history but it’s still relevant to feuds alyssaqeldroma: the Cap/HoH war really showcased the HoH–early enough that the SC launched an attack against us a mere month later alyssaqeldroma: but… going back to Cap… he chose to leave the city after I zeroed him, leaving the clan to his then-companion Callisto alyssaqeldroma: that hit me very hard

Hesu: aye yi yi

alyssaqeldroma: however alyssaqeldroma: this war lasted three weeks alyssaqeldroma: and almost all of the House fell, as well as many Kingdom warriors alyssaqeldroma: the Kingdom remained completely loyal to me which I appreciated immensely alyssaqeldroma: and it’s a testament to our strength at the time that we were able to land the first zeroings against the CoB ever alyssaqeldroma: even as we were faced 3 to 1 on the battlefield alyssaqeldroma: anyway… throughout this alyssaqeldroma: Cap and I realized that we were spending a lot of time fighting each other alyssaqeldroma: that was probably a bit…. misplaced? alyssaqeldroma: considering our enemies were the same and our goals were very similiar alyssaqeldroma: you cannot know the despair someone faces when they find their childre and clansmates fall one by one around them unless you’ve faced it alyssaqeldroma: and he was a tremendous support during that dark time for me

Hesu: not something I have known Hesu: yet I understand

alyssaqeldroma: it was out of defeat and our shared ability to rise from the ashes that this relationship–born of respect for each other and shared experiences that are really, really, hard to explain–was born alyssaqeldroma: We bound on February 14th and told no one we were doing it, even our clans alyssaqeldroma: it took under three hours before it was posted publically in shock alyssaqeldroma: Lucius made the post

Hesu: of course

alyssaqeldroma: the war between the KoH and DA was nearing an end at this point alyssaqeldroma: but this hastened it

Hesu: wow thats quite story so far

alyssaqeldroma: I have a tremendous amount of respect for resiliance and those who are able to rise from the ashes alyssaqeldroma: and it’s alllll true!

Hesu: so tell me about after all of that Hesu: and then, what you see in your future?

alyssaqeldroma: I told him then I would never sever alyssaqeldroma: there were bets taken on our relationship alyssaqeldroma: guessing how long we would last alyssaqeldroma: I do hope that two years is long enough for those to realize just how silly they were being

Hesu: indeed

alyssaqeldroma: so if there is any constant, it will be Capadocious by my side and I by his alyssaqeldroma: it’s been a rollercoaster ride so far

Hesu: so what of HoH?

alyssaqeldroma: I hope it continues like that

Hesu: what of Cap clan?

alyssaqeldroma: there were a lot of rumours back then of “who would be running the other’s clan” alyssaqeldroma: and I do hope that’s been proven that we can do that just fine the way it was before, thank ya very much

Hesu: yes Hesu: so what do you see for the future of HoH

alyssaqeldroma: Bright

Hesu: things have greatly altered with Cap clan

alyssaqeldroma: and not the sun kind alyssaqeldroma: the alliance between the House and the Caps is not only based on my and Cap’s relationship alyssaqeldroma: that hasn’t been the case in over a year alyssaqeldroma: keep business business and relationships in the bedroom, ya know? alyssaqeldroma: that can be difficult at times but in the end we do understand it