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What is it that drives a vampire to the brink of madness? There are many factors, I must confess, that I have seen destroy and ruin a vampire in distress. Often a vampire once fine and distinguished, suddenly finds themselves in ruinous reproach for some heinous or duplicitous crime, error or misstep.

Often it is shear ego, other times ignorance and paranoia… but the key factor that leads to the fall of most, is quite frankly anger.

An otherwise hard working and integritous vampire, for some reason filled with angst and ire, will suddenly go off at the mouth, denouncing all around him and watching as his world crumbles to the ground. Those shameful and unforgiving lips, spewing off garbage that later he will regret, even possibly lose his life for. Yet still he carries on. Repeating the same tripe and responding with the same careless anger that got him killed months, weeks, days, even minutes before.

TygerNight… a perfect example of this… Doom is also another prime example. What is it that causes them to ruin themselves with their primal rage, when again and again, those they set out to hurt are usually the ones laughing as they spit on their grave.

It is a bizarre phenomena… committing the same act and expecting a different result. But one that is common to the city. Is that not also the definition of insanity? Personally… I think it is just the definition of idiocy and history just repeats itself for our viewing enjoyment