And the War Begins

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Rumours, rumours, rumours of war have abounded for weeks. Whispers in the ears of leaders on which side might they take, this one or that.

Tonight What The was attacked. House of Heorot/Capadocious Clan/Church of Blood and Damaris childer have banded together to attack What The…

Why would it take such a force to attack one leader? Why would it take such a force to attack one clan? Has The Inner Circle instilled such fear in the hearts of the denizens of this city, that a single clan would not dare attack them alone?

Who will now inevitably join in on the frey? Does The Inner Circle aka TiC have a secret hidden in their back pocket? Will the illustrious Yggdrasil jump in to assist? What about Empty Spiral, or Ephiny’s quiet but forever growing clan? Who is that sitting in my lawn chair?

Answers to these and more will be reported on live from my lawn chair. Join Seyda and I as we sit in our lawn chairs and watch the Holy Waters fly…

May the best clan… cough clans… ahem clans and their frends… win!



plunks down nice, fancy-schmancy leather recliner next to Seyda and Hesu

Weren’t going to forget me, were you? Geeeeeeeez.


Damari sits on the arm of Rodargo’s armchair and nudges him with a small smile, raising her glass to him in toast

Damari Épouse de Lucius Ferry & EoE

My friends call me ~Silence