Bushido-Are You a Samurai?

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Justice Benevolence Love Sincerity Honesty Self-control

The honourary code of the warrior Samurai…

Justice is one of the main key points in the code of the samurai.

Base and actions not well thought out were unacceptable.

Love and benevolence were supreme virtues and princely acts to the samurai.

Samurai followed a distinctive code of etiquette in their day to day lives as well as in war.

Sincerity and honesty were as valued as their very lives.

Samurai showed complete self-control and stoicism at all times to be fully honored.

Samurai never showed pain, discontent, nor elation. He was to feel from within and share only his stoicism.

Samurai maintained calmness of behavior and composure of the mind never indicating a show of passion of any kind.

He was a true and complete warrior.