The Dread Lord Loses Powers

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No more thievery for this fighter on the HoH side of the war…I wonder what made the God RavenBlack do it?



That would be due to he and another vampire attacking someone, while both of them had the same ID.


Interesting to see how HoH teaches their members to cheat… and even then, they do it wrong.


Get your facts right before you mouth of about cheating, Gus.

-Alyssa player of AQelDroma

The Dread Lord

It would be nice if Vampires could get there facts straight and not run there mouths before knowing what is actually going on. It had nothing to do with duplicate IDs, It was a due to a stupid mistake on my part and the issue has been resolved between myself and The God RavenBlack. I didnt know that this city had gotten so boring that myself loosing my thievery could be concidered interesting news.

~The Dread Lord

The Dread Lord

Well first off, The Dread lord is not a member of HoH, I am with DoA. Second off, the other ID belongs to my Partner Bound Laurelgwynn (Who is my RL Wife Amy and yes we share the same computer) The fact of the matter is, Yes we both attacked the same vampires in this war due to an over sight by our house leader. She knows of our situation of having the same ID # and she has been very careful in giving us seprate attack lists. The other day she had accidentally gotten those attack lists mixed up and subsequently we ended attacking the sme pires. Agian, The God RavenBlack had a discussion with Laurel and myself and understands the situation. He did not remove my thievery for this breech of the rules, he just reminded us to please be more careful in the furture. We have taken steps to insure this type of issue will not happen agian. But in the furture, please get your facts straight before assuming you know what is actually going on.

The Dread Lord

The Dread Lord

As I am not a member of HoH you are still my fathers wife and have been a good friend to my family. Its bevome appaernt to me that things are a little stagnent in the news department if my loosing my thievery has become fodder for bored gossips.

~Justin Player of The Dread Lord


NO OOC HERE. None, EVER. It does not exist… If you wish to discuss cheating or anything that is not in IC form, be creative and discuss it in a format that is understandable but IC

Thank you





Well, you were reported for the reason I stated. If your thievery powers were taken away for something other than that, then that’s your business.


What part of “HoH Side” did you have problems comprehending? Perhaps the whole “HoH Side,” part, I suppose.

Last time I checked, you were indeed on the HoH’s side.

As far as the other stuff you lot speak, I don’t speak of humans…I eat them.


Is it not clear enough that The Dread Lord was responding to evilive’s statement and not your own?

Perhaps he should have repli–oh wait, he DID reply to evilive directly.

rolls eyes

-AQelDroma Queen of Heorot wife of Capadocious

The Dread Lord

LMAO……And Im the one called Mentally Deficiant. Hugs AQelDroma As I have stated before, The news must be hurting for good stories if all the bored and nagging gossips can only chew on my small misfortune. Let it go people. this is old and boring news.

~The Dread Lord DoA HoH supporter Loves His Dads Queen


touchy touchy touchy subject huh? mwahahahaha… It’s so easy…


The Dread Lord’s statement here is correct. I was the one giving targets to hit for Dread and laurelgwynn in that sequence. I confused the two pires’ attack lists. We will be much more careful in archiving next time. I take full responsibility for this mistake. They were simply following the orders given by their leader. Again my sincere apologies to The Dread Lord and laurelgwynn for this mishap.

~Angeliz DOA


Hugs her AngeliZ Theres no one person to blame hunny. Both Dread and I should have been more attentive to our hit lists.

But……In the grand scheme of things The Dread Lord loosing his powers of thievery is very minor news compared to the butchering party going on in the city at the moment. I mean come on…..Pires loose there powers everyday. But im sure it makes Dread all warm and fuzzy inside to know that someone is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO intereted in his well bieng and what hes up to to bring this monor unfortunate thing to light.

~Laurelgwynn DOA