The Biggest Swindle of the Century.

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Right here in Ravenblack City’we have what could be the biggest rob known to the city to date. Rev Awk, a former member of Clan de Beljeferon, walked out his clan doors today taking with him the Beljeferon fortune of 1,537,528 coins. Less than a month ago he also managed to talk Sartori out of his final 615,308 coins before he departed this unlife.

Rev Awk had this to say: ‘With Sartori, I was the executor of his estate… and appropriated the funds and with CdB I was the CFO of Centari National Bank and Trust, and well…. I’m a vampire. I betrayed them… it’s in my nature, what can I say?’

He may not have much more to say about walking out on his clan and taking every cent they had, but I bet that Beljeferon will have quite a bit to say about it. Talking to Mordecai, a current member of CdB, he also had a few things to say on the matter:

‘The vampire known as Rev Awk was welcomed into our noble Clan, under apparently false pretences, with open arms. He abused our trust, and he abused the position he was invested in. We are still trying to determine how he managed to gain access to such funds as he purloined, but we are investigating the matter and it will be dealt with in a matter befitting the noble tradition that is the Clan de Beljeferon.

We are one of the oldest, if not THE oldest Clan’s in the city, for a reason, and that is that we can survive set backs that would destroy other Clans. We will survive this, and we will continue to promote the cause of peace and neutrality within the City limits. The vampire Rev Awk has shown himself to be at odds with his professed sentiments of neutrality by stealing from the most powerful bastion of peace within our great City. Ultimately His Grace, The Grand Duke, will decide what action will be taken against the oath breaker, but rest assured, it will be appropriate and correct.’

A little back story will reveal that Beljeferon coerced Mordecai once upon a time to hand over his personal fortune in recompense for some member of Mord’s small clan, Druids of Destiny, having it seems, taken such a sum… where the money went is a mystery… but little Mord had to fork over his life savings to Beljeferon to keep from his clan from being zeroed, at Beljeferon’s directive.

Fairly heavy-handed for self proclaimed Neutral.

Rev gave his little brother Mord 100,000 of his own personal coin. Mordecai had no role whatever in the theft, nor were the monies Rev gave him related to the Centari National Bank and Trust Swindle. Rev was and will remain a millionaire unrelated to Clan de Beljeferon. Now he’s just a bigger one!!



Brilliant bloody brilliant good for you bro, guess you caught them with there pants down. keep it up bro, keep it up.

Kaio Wolfe Lord of masks SIE/EoE ~Minas~


Copy cat crimes. A sad day in the city indeed. -Moirai

Rev Awk

Just exactly what new and imaginative crimes have you attempted, much less been successful to the tune of 2 million coins in the span of 8 days?

Do regale us with your long list of creative exploits? OooOOOOOooohhhh that’s right… (drink),(rob), and [Spray it]. Yawn

Cutting edge stuff there small fry.

Rev Awk of Regency ShiKuroko’s Sire Master Thief God of Enigmatic Clarity


If they need a loan to compensate for the loss, at a reasonable interest rate I am sure i could accommodate If not no biggie i can buy more weapons

Sade (shadowsshade) Ward of the Wolf Etain SIE-EoE Illuminati Honorary Thief Hesus now and forever




Who owes me my 162,000 I had in their bank?

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute Childer of Roadie shadowsshades Yeah Lucius is my big bro..what about it?


That… was surprising. Perhaps this is a “life lesson” in politics.

ShiKuroko Childe of rev awk Ambassador to Clan de Beljeferon Shogun of Tenshi no Ken

Rev Awk

Most esteemed Hesu (and fantasy, candy-lipped, object of my wildest dreams and desires) that is a fair and interesting question.

I would have to imagine that the Grand Duke would ultimately bear responsibility for recklessly entrusting your money to a thief, and for passively allowing the mismanagement of Centari National Bank and Trust for the prior 9 months, causing the bank to fall into a generally sad state of affairs and creating such a desperate and easily exploitable need for better management. TGD’s profound hubris and lack of security is certainly nothing with which you are unfamiliar. Please don’t get me wrong, I do personally like him greatly, but he steadfastly refused to implement the very safeguards I suggested which would most certainly have prevented this rather spectacular bit of embezzlement by yours truly. I never set a trap without allowing a means of escape… in this case I even steered him clear, but he jumped defiantly back into the web.

I do understand that some will take issue with my assessment philosophically, but pragmatically speaking, were I to make good The Grand Ducal debts, it should soon make it a rather philanthropic and pointless endeavor to steal in the first place. Quite simply, crime must pay, else no one would do it.

Fortunately, The Grand Duke is his wisdom has personally set a precedent. Beljeferon himself has held a Clan Leader severally accountable for lost or stolen coin attributed to the misdeed of a clan member, in spite of the coin having not been personally handled by said Clan Leader. I am sure TGD would have to agree that this situation bears remarkable resemblance to one in which he threatened the life and limb of all of the members of Druids of Darkness over the paltry sum of 100,000 coins. See Mordecai for details, as he was the one who bore the financial burden in order to spare their lives.

I am sure that with concerted effort the 300 members of the venerable Clan de Beljeferon can cover their outstanding debts, and it is my unofficial understanding that Beljeferon has a half million tucked away in the event of an emergency. This could indeed qualify as an emergency.

Rev Awk of Regency ShiKuroko’s Sire Master Thief God of Enigmatic Clarity

Rev Awk

Please See: “Copy-Cat as opposed to say… Novelty Crimes?”

Rev Awk of Regency ShiKuroko’s Sire Master Thief God of Enigmatic Clarity

Aiden Coil

I never got that game of chess you suggested… I won the first one though… My money never went in that bank. Not that it matters to a millionaire… You may want to move your omni-bankers nice and far apart though… RB loathes an alt…

Aiden Coil - “Answers to no-one”

Rev Awk

Chess we can do: rumor has it there are other RB players there… There too of course I am Rev Awk

Inappropriate coin pooling/handling is what RB hates, and I avoid that at all costs, not to fear.

Rev Awk of Regency ShiKuroko’s Sire Master Thief God of Enigmatic Clarity


Nor was it as wickedly devastating to the Clan de Beljeferon as it would seem, to lose a mere portion of our holdings, since Rev Awk was not privy to all things.

But, I do wonder if Rev Awk would seem as clever as he proclaims himself to be, if it were known that despite the way the picture has been painted, his “swindle” actually only consisted of taking advantage of the gravely ill real life human behind a portion of the Centari Bank in the wee hours of one morning after extensive medical treatment and medication. It doesn’t take much stealth or ingenuity to manipulate one ill person into giving up her share of coins to someone she considered kin.

No one in the Clan de Beljeferon considers the money Rev Awk took as anything other than payment for services rendered. However, we do regret witnessing the bargin basement sale of the honor of a Baron of Clan de Beljeferon for a mere million and a half game coins.

I have waited to post a response because I did not want to add importance to such a trivial matter, but since I have read the empty boasts– I feel the subject should not be closed without some clarification.

And finally –All debts have been paid, with plenty of coins still within the bank of Centari, the only valuable resource we lost was a capable member.

In service to Clan de Beljeferon Latristesse de Centari

Rev Awk

Once again a spurned vampire lover, vexed with human out-of-character issues, is unable to differentiate between in-character and out-of-character. To this I say, “Nice Cross”, but it will not be my cross to bear.

In the final analysis, I took what was given… both flesh and coin.

May peace be upon you Latristesse, for never shall I be again. }:)

Rev Awk of Regency Master Thief God of Enigmatic Clarity

Ps. Now that your “clan” has rallied in the face of this minor set-back, you may thank me for providing a unifying topic of conversation. Long live Clan de Beljeferon. :)