Goon is dead, but which one is the REAL goon?

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In an unprecedented act of bravery, while hiding in shadows, as her comrade and clan mate Goon, recent companion to the fair and enigmatic warrior Ladywulfe69, died. The notoriously honourable and unabashedly righteous What The, bravely employed the use of one of her most renowned alts, Horrific Gas… to displace him as her true body shivered and hid from battle.

Hovering in one spot as her courageous allies fight to the death for her life, seems to be a comfortable place for such a noble vampiress. I am sure that we all find her behavior in this city of late, something that all of the cities vampires should aspire to attain. Such a showing of true integrity and fortitude is just simply inspirational.

Rest well Goon and my sympathies to Ladywulfe69, for more reasons than one.