Clan Struggles

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Well word on the street is that Clan DOA is struggling. Apparently now they are NOT a clan and were never a clan, but a group of three clans. Seems there is a wee bit of a chest beating match over who REALLY was the MOST involved in the war and should get the credit. Was it D? Was it O? Or was it A? Seems to me the entire clan HELL the entire alliance should just take equal credit. Who cares who threw what when it is a team effort? It was NEVER about the glory anyway, at least thats what was said.

It seems that A (Hells Angels) thinks that D (Demons) claim it was all them, though it appears the D side is just counting the DOA as an entire unit, as it seems to me they should, buts thats just opinion, not news. As far as I can tell, no one has really heard such a thing.

In history it is proven that only ONE ever gets the glory. Though we all know the only ones that have gained glory or are seen to have masterfully organized and arranged this fight is H… well HoH, so the DOA can argue all they want over the glory. They dont have it and never did. HoH are the true victors in this war, and everyone knows it.



Are we surprised that is what happens when you betray the prince.

kaio999 The Reincarnation of Capadocious Cap


So Kaio, as a contributor to this paper is that objective editorial or just your personal opinion?

Ravana Yggdrasil


It’s not easy to kee two identities separated… yet it seems this one who calls himself Cap does… Since Cap’s opinion on this matter is so different about this…



actually I did not write this piece, though I do enjoy the contents provided within the article.

Kaio Lord of masks reincarnation of Capadocious ~Minas~


Well of course he is you cannot expect me to respond sanely, I have been buried for months in that form, all that comes from that version of me is nonsence I still have dirt in my head ignore that one and bow down to this new form of Capadocious

Kaio Lord of masks reuncarnation of Capadocious ~Minas~

Lord BubbleKnight

Is there anything like a nuthouse for those vampires who simply lost their mind somewhere down the road? Because this one points to the one calling himself Reincarnation of Capadocious is not only having delusions, but trying to imply something with such a poor acting quality that I really find it hard for anyone to believe what he says.

Well, I guess maybe this could be one of those really lousy comedy acts, but a comedy nonetheless.

Now I wonder.. who is paying the actors?

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Second in Command of the Capadocious Clan


So, you’re the reincarnation of my husband, eh? And you took another companion?

insert new eyeroll

-AQelDroma Queen of Heorot wife of Capadocious


grins I was referring to your comment not the article - I know you didn’t write it


Why don’t we just zero him? Or that already happened? Can it happen again? Repeteadly? Til he stops bullcrapping from his mouth?

I say yes


I think he is still a member of SIE and they are dealing with the whole situation. ;)

Lord BubbleKnight

…than a self-proclaimed spy, after discovering himself, still remains in the clan. I have heard about that only twice in my entire unlife, and in both cases pretty big reasons were quoted.

I wonder why hasn’t him kicked and killed already.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Second in Command of the Capadocious Clan


at…“Was it D? Was it O? Or was it A?” Bravo! Drinks on me for “Editor”


Because when someone is making a statement like that WHO is going to take it serius??

Really father, they haven’t waste a single HW on him, because he doesn’t worth the time and weapons. Such patetic little vamp, trying to fill the shoes of Capadocious. He is just a simple joke, and trying to in someway fill the lost of our joker Sartori.

Thalialeu</strong> Lady of the Orbenoir Dynasty GHOSTIE Capadocian Council Member