It is Official

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The war is over.

AQeldroma announced today that the war has ended. In her announcement in the RavenBlackCity facility she was heard to state ‘The Inner Circle war is finished’

The Queen of the great alliance also stated ‘I know many of you are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the ending, but I must tell you simply that it has ended with our goals met. The House of Heorot and our allies, which number many, came and warred and achieved our goals, and now, as simply as we entered the battlefield, we will leave it. Our opponents have already left, as they fell one by one and never returned to the battlefield.’

In explenation of her attack on What The and the others it was reported that she said ‘We attacked because there was an atrocity in this city; there was a vampiress whom many considered honorable and a great warrioress. We put her honor to the test; allowed her the chance to show her clan and her allies what she was truly made from. We knew when we began what she would demonstrate and, because we did not explain the trap, she fell into it and showed the great deceit and the mask that she had shown to the city has been blasted away forever.’

What The, the leader of the once great clan known as The Inner Circle aka TiC, had been quite inactive and quiet until the attack upon her and her clan. Knowing that TiC had lost many active members and much of its warrior heart, the House of Heorot aka HoH inspired a huge alliance to strike out against What The, her clan and their friends. In so doing, the entire clan was not only summarily crushed, the members of TiC as well as many of those that rose to stand beside them did in fact see What The’s true colours and her over zealous love for her own blood over others.

Upon the completely separate attack and zeroing of What The by the Unholy Alliance, many of What The’s allies and so called friends, in secret came to Hesu and commended her on the death… proving that HoH did indeed do their job and brought to light the true facts of who What The was and who it was she cared for first or foremost… herself.

Many of the allies that stood by What The and TiC, died at her feet with great honour and a true showing of what makes a true warrior as she shivered in shadows and ran for the hills, though a handful of her clan members fought with great skill and bravery, very few members of her clan ever left their veil of shadows throughout the entire ordeal not even willing to become active for their, once deemed, fearless leader.

It is a new dawn I suppose for the city, even if What The had ceased being a major influence long ago and her entire clan had all but gone quiet and inactive for many a month prior to the virulent attack.

The ingenious plan by AQel and her powerful and well managed leadership certainly showed us in this conflict, what I always knew was true of HoH. That their energy, power and skill stand as a force to be reckoned with in this city, as they have for a very long time.

Yggdrasil and the members of the clans involved with the Alliance of Fire… I must commend you on a well fought battle. Knowing that you are not predominantly warring clans, you stood as true warriors with honour and pride, even after the atrocities of the one you chose to defend was brought to light. You died bravely and with honour, never ceasing in your commitment. As for TiC and What The… actions speak louder than words and the blanket of lies falls thin when the truth is right before every one’s eyes to bear witness.

What The… maybe you will turn over a new leaf upon your return? I suggest BLA… Blood Lovers Anonymous most likely should be your first choice of action upon your return. Oh and yes, on a personal note. You recall that noose you sent me when you lied to the city about my actions and booted me from your alliance? Its in the mail.



There were some awesome adversaries in the AoF, too many to name, but a few stood out to me, blaZe, Lesion, Nif and Verm, they fought the good fight, they gave of their blood and should be proud of their efforts. This is not to say there wasn’t many more, but these just stood out, to me.

My respect also goes to my family, the Hells Angels, who once again showed their mettle on the battlefield. I tip my hat to all of the clans and warriors on our side. It was an honour to walk into battle, side by side with you. It was an awesome effort on many fronts. I would be remis not to point out that AQD, Pandrora and Willhelm were instrumental in the organization and strategies on a daily and nightly basis. The entire alliance set aside past differences and combined to create an unstoppable force. It was not without struggles, but we overcame them and focused on the task at hand. I stand here humbled at the effort put forth by so many.

Brutus House of The Hells Angels


Don’t leave your name off of that list, Brutus :)



The few clan members of TiC who did indeed step into battle, I must say appeared to fight as the brave warriors they always have claimed to be. I am referring to the myriad of members that remained in shadows during the war and even remain there to this day… not even willing to alter their state of inactivity, even to save their precious leader.