The Rage of Silence

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In a fit of despair and anger Lucius lashed out at Amaranth and Juddin Scire Holy Watering them for what it appears to be acts against their own family.

A few days ago, Ferrymen leaderhip voted to alleviate the Ferrymen of their biggest hassles and Damari was summarily booted from the Ferrymen for undisclosed reasons. Word on the street is that her childer, namely Amaranthe and Juddin Scire, who are of the Church of Blood, where partly the reason for the long coming action as well as a question of loyalties where suspected spies were concerned. An important note we would like to make is that Damaris’ loyalty to the Ferrymen, was not ever in question as far as we are aware. It is suspected that it was Damaris disgruntled nature and dislike for leadership that was causing a constant stir of dissension within the clan.

Recently, when questions arose about spies in the Ferrymen that were connected to Damaris childer, apparently there was a question as to her withholding pertinent information. In the end, this caused a small group of vampires to leave or be expelled from the clan including Damari. One involved party was quoted as saying, “Essentially her (Damari’s) childer threw Damari under a bus and Damari was willing to allow it in order to protect them.”

Months ago, Damari’s childer Amaranth, The Wee Vlad and Juddin Scire, left the Ferrymen, and joined The Church of Blood aka CoB. This was a large point of contention with the Ferrymen who have had long standing rivalries with the CoB. It also weighed heavily on Damari who not only was once slaughtered by the CoB but had been more then once brutally harassed by one of its members.

By Damari’s childer joining up with their Mothers and former clans enemies, an air of great concern shrouded Damari and lost her a great deal of respect. Lucius, aka the “Silent guy” never seemed to really accept these childer, even more so upon them leaving the Ferrymen and joining his terminal enemies the CoB. Damari, long standing Ferrymen and wife to Lucius appeared dismayed when her childer left the Ferrymen, but also appeared to be compelled to accept this fate much to the chagrin of many.

The Ferrymen, were created by Lucius as a part of the old Shadow Court long, long ago. Though he is no longer a member of the clan, Lucius is quite protective of its heritage and his legacy. Though the Ferrymen are a large and strong clan, they have had a great deal of leadership changes in the past while, causing a bit of unrest and confusion. Fairly new to leadership of the Ferrymen are Cerridwen and Lady Peacek, who have worked hard to whip the clan back into shape, though many toes had to be stepped on in order to restructure and grow. Many of the more difficult, lazier or more power hungry members of the clan were resistant, and of course hesitant, but year to date we can tell you thats reports are that the clan is well on its way, it is better organized and working hard to regain any loses form this incident. They are large and strong as well as resilient and the leadership is confident of their future.

Upon her sudden removal from the Ferrymen, Damari apparently had dished out more than she could chew and viciously zeroed herself on the floor of the Palazzo, the home she shares with her husband Lucius. Many have come to Damari’s home to mourn her loss and to offer respects and a call was sent out by her to her family to come be at her side. Lucius… in finding his wife bloodless upon the floor, went on a rampage and destroyed the entire interior of the residence and in a fit of rage attacked Juddin Scire and Amaranth who he blames for a great deal of Damaris troubles.

In the after math of this event, Juddin Scire announced a decree in the Palazzo that it was Cerridwens lies and Lucius’ silence that was the cause of Damaris demise, not recognizing any fault of his own or that of his his siblings and maintaining that his Sire Damari was blameless, which seems a rather bizarre stance when his Sire herself has willingly accepted much blame for the actions at hand.

Hesu (myself) was seen racing to the Palazzo to be at her childers side in his time of rage and mourning, as well as to pay her respects to Damari. Rumour has it that many appear to be coming out of the wood work to point fingers of blame. Digging up tired old grievances as if they have never moved on like the rest of the city. Blaming Lucius who had almost nothing to do with the action until now. This response of whispered innuendo and rhetoric shows how little so many have grown. It is quite obvious they are just pitching for a friend in Damari, since their whispers show that they have no actual knowledge of the events that led up to this unfortunate conclusion making them seem rather opportunistic and silly to many.

In the end, this is a sad story, one of rivalries, jealousies, arrogance and backstabbing from many sides. In investigating this story I have learned a few things…

1) Insubordination has and always will lead to expulsion from most clans and with reason. It makes no matter if that leader likes you or not, if your actions are those that show you are unreliable, then you will most likely be removed in most instances.

2) Jumping on the band wagon and trying to put a spin on events you have no knowledge of is pathetic and in the end, even the one you defend will find you silly knowing full well you are defending them for reasons that have nothing to do with your case

3) Being an opportunist in a clan and admitting it is just plain stupid

4) Telling your leader you hate them but respect them is probably not very smart either

5) Staying in a clan that you have lost respect for is unhealthy

6) Sometimes the worse situations turn out for the best

7) When trouble rings the vultures are fast to respond

8 ) Lucius in his silence can yell VERY loudly

9) Drama Queens beget dramatic responses

10) There are many ways to become famous, sometimes infamy is better than fame



reads the article in its entirety, pulls out a Sharpee from his pocket, underlines #9