Truth Be Told Follow Up Story

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Extracts from Lucius’ Moleskine notebook

May 12th 2007

My wife’s childer have the nasty habit of living up to my suspicions. Today, it appears that Amaranthe was spying on the Ferrymen and feeding information to the CoB. I swear they will be the end of Damari. And if so, I shall be the end of them.

Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:23:41): nose starts to bleed Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:24:30): Fuck lady peace (12/05/2007 13:25:00): whats wrong Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:28:19): shudders Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:28:36): I will lose everything I hold dear for a clan that cares little if I stay.. lady peace (12/05/2007 13:29:11): she not giving up the name? Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:35:02): She gave me the name holds herself very very still and her eyes very very steady Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:35:17): To give you this name I betray my daughter in a way that hurts her beyond belief. lady peace (12/05/2007 13:35:27): cringes Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:35:36): To give you this name, my daughter will have betrayed her own clan Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:35:43): And be called into judgement by her own leaders Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:36:01): To give you this name I may have signed my daughter’s, my son’s and my grandson’s death warrant lady peace (12/05/2007 13:36:04): shit shit shit Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:36:10): To give you this name I give up my unlife lady peace (12/05/2007 13:37:10): is there ANY other way damari to get this info without ama taking the fall for it? Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:38:17): To give you this name Cerridwen will know immediately who it is and you will lose this person from the clan lady peace (12/05/2007 13:38:36): well if they are telling others whats going on …then it must be so Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:38:47): I know lady peace (12/05/2007 13:39:09): and they are risking their fellow ferry to take the fall to do so Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:41:15): holds back and sob lady peace (12/05/2007 13:41:49): sighs im sooo very sorry damari Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:42:29): This time sorry isn’t good enough. This time I give up everything I am for this clan and there is nothing left lady peace (12/05/2007 13:42:40): nods Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:42:46): It has taken from me every person that has loved me. Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:43:06): The name is Andre Damari In Silence (12/05/2007 13:43:11): And with that name. I die

A bit later the same day, Juddin dressed as Amaranthe outs Andre to Annabelle. If the situation escalates, I will have to step in.



Oh…so that’s why I was thrown from the Ferrymen. I did wonder, seeing as I had done nothing to warrant it, and have not been given any satisfactory reason for my dismissal.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Grimoire Editor.

Andre D’dary


You are quite welcome


Just a question, perhaps I am not smart enough to understand, so please hold with me for a moment.

How does this at all point any blame fingers at anyone other then Andre, who, was to my understanding and from what it appears to say up there points, was giving up all the info freely.

Someone please fill me in on what I am missing?


This is what we’ve been waiting for? I already knew all this. Blinks.



ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


The name Lucious has rolled off more pires lips then these few, as of late. Wonders what is really happening???

Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel


The only person that should be angry at Amaranthe is Andre. By trying to protect Damari, Amaranthe betrayed his trust. Not sure how Amaranthe was seen as a spy, considering she freely admitted she was a member of the COB. The person who was giving the information about the Ferry was the spy. Amaranthe was trying to protect Damari when Damari was being accused of spying. Again, to me, this all seems contrived. -The Devil’s Advocate-


Lucius is not killing them because of anything that has to do with the politics, the spying or the Ferrymen. When Ama gave that name to Damari, knowing it would force Damari to chose between the clan she loved and the childer she loved…she did it with a layer of guilt that if Damari chose her clan, and told us of the spy, that CoB would kill Amaranthe, and why give her the name if she couldnt use it to protect herself and her clan? So, Damari chose the clan she swore loyalty to, and the guilt of her impending childers death just clouded everything. Now wouldnt that irritate you just a bit if your companion was hurting desperately for their childer that stood just fine after all the guilt they put on your companion? Atleast thats how -I- see it. Hence…this being a family matter and not a clan one.


Why the hell would the COB kill Am? Isn’t she IN the COB?


The only thing missing from this news story is a violin.
To give you this name will make me sound dramatic. To give you this name will add suspense. To give you this name will drag this out so long that you’ll want to throw me out the nearest window.


Possibly for giving up a clan source name? Man you guys really do need stuff spelled out for you, dont you?


Yes… quite indeed…

Carpathia Dragosee Valens’ wife Yggdrasil in reply to ophelia


Nice to see some things go full circle.


Why didn’t they kick her out? I’m guessing they really didn’t care. Perhaps you could ask the COB leaders what they thought of all of this. I mean, if all sides of the story were to be told… -The Devil’s Advocate-


No one cares what CoB thinks about this. Its a FAMILY issue…follow me slowly now, F-A-M-I-L-Y. Its not been said at any point that clans have become involved so their input or ‘side’ is not needed, just as Ferrymens side has not been put in either. Lucius’ actions are in no way connected to the politics of the spy or the name.


The horrible thing, is I’m not going to shut up.


1st, why Damari gave the info to the Feries if, in her own words, they cared little for her… “I will lose everything I hold dear for a clan that cares little if I stay..” and 2nd, why the burden of all this is being put on amaranthe’s shoulders because she gave Damari “the name”… Here I ask from my ignorance, A - Had Damari been asked by the Ferry to get that info? B - Had Damari asked that info to Amaranthe? C - Or had Amaranthe given it to her Sire just out of generosity?