A Statement From Majica Wilde

1 minute read

As most of you know, I’ve spent the last six weeks fighting members of the Mafia alliance, primarily DOA & DoW, alongside my children RemipunX and her husband Ollie. Throughout this war, I’ve not only dealt with the disadvantage of numbers but other adversities as well.

Though I know that I have made a few errors here and there, I have fought to the best of my ability, learning things as the nights of battle passed. Now my aggressors have fallen into shadows, and while doing so, have begun to gain blood while not moving. At this point, with the crippling blow to my opponent’s finances, with the allied clans of the Mafia breaking off and onto their own, and with the looming taint of blackblood on the part of those that wish to send me to torpor, one thing has been made very clear. My opponents did not get the easy kill they perhaps thought they were going to get. There is no vengeance gained’no redemption to be had. Only lessons. Both for myself and I would like to hope’for my opponents.

On this night, I am officially declaring my personal victory in this battle and will return to my normal routine immediately. I would like to thank all of you who have supported me… us, over the last several weeks. I couldn’t be more proud of RemipunX, Ollie and those who stood alongside me.

We did outwit’we did outlast’we did outplay’and we did indeed endure.

In closing - You may be able to kill this body.. but you’ll never be able to kill this heart, this soul.. or this spirit.

:Majica Wilde: