An Interview with blackdragon of HoH

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Earlier this evening, it was brought to my attention that What The had been Holy Watered by blackdragon of HoH. My curiosity was piqued so I took a few quiet moments to sit with blackdragon and find out what was really going on.

Grimoire Editor: To start, lets go back to the beginning. At what point in time did HoH consider targeting What The?

blackdragon bd: Well I suppose her name was never taken off the table and was put there long before I joined the clan, but this specific attack was planned very recently.

Grimoire Editor: Is there any particular reason you have for attacking her? Or is it just for the hell of it-boredom etc?

blackdragon bd: Her history with Heorot goes way back, back to when I was in the SC and she screwed over Heorot during a war. She has screwed over many in this city including myself, but this is not for personal revenge or out of boredom. We had several names on the table and since she was nice enough to come out of shadows, she moved to the top. She has always been a possibility and I think that her zeroing will serve as a wonderful way to honor the memory of AQel and Pan, our former leaders that she stabbed in the back.

Grimoire Editor: To play the devils advocate, did she not pay to AQelDroma’s satisfaction in the last war that more is needed? Or is it because HoH would like her head on their table this go ‘round?

blackdragon bd: Some may have been satisfied and some may have not, but her lack of honor and betrayal is something that often times can not be simply erased with a zeroing. As you know I myself have been in several clan and I’ve seen several leaders and how they approach running a clan and how they act in times of war. My respect goes to those that show their true colors from the start and don’t need to resort to playing both sides until they see who is winning. But sure, her head will serve as a reminder that clans like Heorot do not forget those that have helped them and those that have turned on them.

Grimoire Editor: Is there an end statement you wish to make within the city with these attacks?

blackdragon bd: No, the old blackdragon was an arrogant loud mouth. I won’t deny that and as my former clan leader I’m sure you would agree. However, now I choose to make my feelings known on the battlefield. Many can talk a big game, but now it is time to see who can deliver.

Grimoire Editor: Is there a message behind this attack on What The that the city in general should see?

blackdragon bd: This fight is not between Heorot and the city. It is a matter of honor concerning only What The and The House of Heorot. What they see matters not, for the end result will be the same.

Grimoire Editor: If you had any words for What The and her clan right now, what would they be?

blackdragon bd: I have no words for What The or her clan. We will let our actions ring out louder than any words ever would. They are free to make their decisions as we are to make our own.

We at the Grimoire would like to thank blackdragon the interview. And we’ll be watching to see how this unfolds.

Until then…..



One wonders…if this is between HoH and WT, why are Clan X hitting as well?

UnicornDream Yggdrasil


Clan X no longer exists. -blackdragon

Vermathrax rex

Yes, this will indeed be interesting. That is, if either side holds true to form. Curiosity wonders who these other ‘names on the table’ are, but I doubt any would get a straight answer on that question.

My question is-how long will this go before ‘allies’ and ‘others with vengeance in their hearts’ decide to dog pile in on this little show? Can JUST TiC and HoH have a war WITHOUT outside help? If one believes popular opinion-neither of them have managed this trick in the past.

So, can the rest of the city keep their noses out of this little frackus? We shall see-won’t we. And THEN-words like honor and such can be discussed. Not now, its way too early to be patting selves on the back for a sense of honor and duty. Deeds-not words here, please.

Vermathrax-rex Bellina’s husband veteran cosmic rocker sire of the Proud Beauties Artisan


“My question is-how long will this go before ‘allies’ and ‘others with vengeance in their hearts’ decide to dog pile in on this little show?” - Vermathrax-rex

The problem with is; (such as seen with Fire Hawk) even if one doesn’t call in ‘allies’ those who have ‘vengeance in their hearts’ still can come in. The problem is trying to find a way to know if it’s allies or rouges. Can only hope the communication between the two sides stays open so that if such things happen it’s known.

Though minus the Fire Hawk problem, seems that so far it is indeed a TiC and HoH battle.

~Chiru Shuukakshamaru-BiancoLuce