Sever and Bind: Jimmher dumps oOPHYy

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From the mouth of the man himself:

Quote: Jimmher dumps oOPHYy as sire and greet’s his new sire (and rather elagant) Ms Errie, Queen of Warriors of Eternity

Seems Jimmher changes sires much as he changes bound partners.



Pssst, respectful whisper Me and Indigoddess have been together for some time ;) “Eternally Bonded” (seen that on our siggy’s ?) “Seems Jimmher changes sires much as he changes bound partners” would the writer keep a pair of shoes on that hurt thier feet ? :?


He dumped no one.

Ms Errie

I am most blessed to have jimmher as my childer, and was very honored that he agreed to let me be his sire. He has been a pure joy to me, and has not a day gone by since our binding that he has not brought a smile to my face. He has proven himself to me over and over as one who strives to constantly do better, and has always been there for me. Who could possibly ask for more in a childer than this. I am lucky that he is mine.

Ms Errie Queen Mother of WoE My childer make me great, and for them I exist

stormy jayne


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Thank you My Lady…for you, my dear.

catch a kiss


Get over it! Reel it in.


Stormy my dear friend, I am very sorry I totally misunderstood your comment.

*slaps brianless human in the head *

stormy jayne

Apology accepted. It’s all cool.