Full Circle

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DragonSlayer became my childer today.

This is indeed what you call a full circle of events.

She came to me and SIE long ago and in a furry of deception was dragged from me and my clan. She harrassed and berated and taunted me, until tragedy struck and to her the truth was revealed.

Recently history almost repeated itelf, but again the light was shown and a decision was made…

I am so very honoured to call DragonSlayer my childer and hope that forever we will remain side by side in our journey through this fair city.

I love you DragonSlayer.

As I do all my childer… my second newest Ladypeacek, and all the childer that has been with me through these years. Together we rise and fall, but like the moon it is an ongoing cycle that maintains our balanced for eternity.



Congrats to you both!



What the hell have they put in the blood over there? :P


Congrtz :)