Pandrora Sires AQelDroma

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Congrats you two



Danke :)


Hmm a tactical siring methinks … either that or they’re planning a great big family barbecue.

Ravana Yggdrasil


You’re an idiot if you think I’d do this for tactic reasons. If that was the case, wouldn’t it have made a LOT more sense to do it two weeks ago?

Pan’s been working on me for YEARS :p

-AQelDroma Queen of Heorot wife of Capadocious


Want a sneak peek at the menu?

Welcome to teh Fam, AQel!

Annabelle Lady in White


When we have a binding during a war it’s “tactical”, but when NiFlhEiM sired Miranda Dawn or when ophelia sired oOPHYy or when there were those 3 (or more, I lost count) convenient TIC weddings in rapid succession right at the start of the war, it’s not?

What makes ours any less genuine than theirs?


You mean tactical siring like ophelia siring oOPHYy, Nif siring Miranda and the three TIC weddings in one day?


I seem to have touched a nerve there to elicit so many disclaimers. I wasn’t trying to precipitate a bout of name calling. I wish you both the best.

Ravana Yggdrasil


If Ravana is an idiot for thinking this was a tatical binding, then the same could be said of you or yours for assuming the recent bindings on our part were for tactical reasons.

As you say, wouldn’t it have made sense to do it two weeks ago were that the scenario?

ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil Alliance of Fire


Only after Ravana began to talk about tactical bindings did I mention your and Nif’s siring. And I was not assuming, I was asking a question. Now whether your bindings were for tactical purposes or not, I do not know nor do I care. The point is, Ravana should not be insulting someone’s binding when nobody insulted you or yours.



I have spent an eternity systematically dismantling all material attachment, relinquishing all emotional ties, eschewing all physical pleasures so that I can better find myself and find god. As such, the nuances of such bindings are a mystery to me. In my eyes, your queen had brought herself closer to god by her dispassionate approach to such a relationship. It is now clear that I was mistaken.

I can assure you that, had I intended to be insulting, I would have pressed home a few more choice words when it became apparent I’d hit a raw nerve.

In a final attempt to avoid this matter leaving a sour taste with all, I will leave you with a blessing for your queen and her new sire.

ta ete s�dhavaḥ s�dhvi sarva-sańga-vivarjit�ḥ sańgas teṣvatha te pr�rthyaḥ sańga-doṣa-har� hi te

Ravana Yggdrasil


takes out pen and attempts to trace lineage of all these new and fangled bindings, and sirings and marriages, rolls her eyes and gives up with a annoyed shake of her head. Instead writing in the column.

Looks like the old adage IS true, Incest is Best.

Damari Épouse de Lucius Ferry & EoE

My friends call me ~Silence