Miranda Dawn and MacManus Bind

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Congratulations to the new couple.


Lady Ophy

Congratulations to my chylde MacManus and to my close friend Miranda Hope you have a wonderful unlife together =)

~Lady Ophy Virtus Sodalitas

-:- Veritas Aequitas -:-


Little Miss Bachorolerette gose and ropes herself a man. Congrats hunny, Im happy for you.

~Laurelgwynn DD’s Bratling Dreads Girl DOA


Congrats to the both of you.

Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel

Miranda Dawn

Thank you Brutus :)

And shaar *grins back * 8)

And Laurel’ ummm, bachelorette? I never knew I was on the dating game smirks :P

Finally Ophy, last but certainly not least’.. I couldn’t ask for a better sire in law hugs perhaps I should try to discipline him winks }:-)

~Miranda Dawn Priestess of the Black Dress


Congratulations Momma grins}:)

Shaarinya Servant of Corruption Immortalis Decretum per Cruor