Thylantis Sires Cerridwen

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Many congratulations to both the former family and the new!



OooOohhhh OoOoooooOo Uh uh uh UHHHH ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHH oOoooo Ooohhh HummmmmmMMmmm.. !!

breathes deeply and settles back folding the newspaper with a satisfied grin

Well, that was almost better than the real thing. Someone, get me a cigarette. This is like’.. the best thing EVER !

    Damari    ~Silence Raaawrs Lucius' Wife - Juddin's Sire


No time wasted there…as usual


hands Damari a cigarette

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…