Jauk and Her Ass

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Yes you heard it all here… Jauk has Sired her Donkey…Yorgie

The question is, will he ever be allowed to use the Gyllenstierna name or will it only be Lokason?

What a challenging decision that will be for Heimdag… offer the Yorgie his endoresment and allow him to officially declare himself an ass of af Gyllenstierna or no? Decisons decisions. The city is just rife with them.

Will he join Yggdrasil and fight for his clan?

Is Jauks recent “attachement” to her ass due to a need to offer the ability to succour due the asses proclivity to being flung across the city?

Further details of this significant event shall be shared with our faithful readership as the riveting story further develops.



Even the biggest ass in the af Gyllenstierna bloodline is more important than any other vampire who’s been reported on concerning bindings in this paper. I’ve never seen anyone else get a whole editorial about their binding told. My ass must be pretty darn special.

Thank you for making my ass famous!

Jauk Lokason Ladywulfe’s Blood Sister –> Yggdrasil


I love your ass Jauk ;)

obsidian the sister.. the angel ;)