The Headless Vamp Rises!!! By Jennison

1 minute read

We all witnessed the rather disturbing display of Kasandra decapitating herself behind RavenBlackCity. The lifeless body was found lying on the ground by her beloved Spinner. Spinner was nice enough to drop the dead body of her beloved at the feet of RoR members where they were seated in the bar.

Sickened by the bloody display Asmia escorted Seyda from the bar, when I say ‘escorted’ I mean drug her out by the arm laughs. so I did him, feeling the loss of her friend and former clan member, had her servants retrieve the body and take it back to the RoR compound for a proper burial.

The body was reported, by human servants, to have escaped the RoR compound, carrying her head in her hands as she slunk off into the night. Kasandra was seen several days later at Ravenblack-Alleyway waiting on her love, Spinner, who had left her on the floor of another bar just days earlier. Go figure.

Did you know that once you are decapitated, your hair grows back a different color!!! I mean coming back to life is simple, but a new hair color too! I am really impressed, that takes talent.

I honestly have never met a vampire that could survive a decapitation, maybe it was true love that brought her back, and maybe she just didn’t have enough brains to realize she was dead. I guess we will never know the answer to that. I would however suggest that next time you want to kill yourself, please let us know. I have no doubts that someone would be more than willing to cut your chest open, rip out your heart, stab it with a silver stake then set it on fire and watch it burn.

So as my public service to the city, I will offer up my services to anyone who would like to kill themselves and not return. It is my suggestion that once you decide to kill yourself, please stick with it. It just gets too confusing with dead vamps coming back to their undead lives.

~ Jennison