Seeking Evil

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Humans become vampires for many reasons. Many don’t have much choice in the matter. Others embrace it. After years of getting little satisfaction by playing by the rules, they seek the evil life. Although I was one of those who chose to become a vampire, believe it or not, at the time I had no intention of being evil.

I was turned nearly 200 years ago. My birth sire was a lady known to me as a contributing editor of a newsletter I subscribed to. Major topics of this newsletter included good and evil and especially the concept of redemption. We were sure of the concept of vampires earning souls and becoming redeemed.

I had never been happy as a human and things had recently taken a turn for the worse. I trusted the lady who offered to turn me. So my plan was to become a “good” vampire. I looked forward to using my superior vampire strength to champion the oppressed and to protect all humans from evil supernatural threats.

Needless to say, when I arose, I didn’t even remember any of that. I knew only that I was hungry. Very hungry. To my disappointment, I found that my sire had taken what blood came with my turning and disappeared.

Somewhere between killing my 5th and my 50th victim, I remembered my original intent with laughter. I became fascinated with evil. I sought evil everywhere. I sought it in all its forms. My views have changed through the years, but they’ve never really solidified. Even now I ask, just what does it take to be evil?

All vampires are evil. But what does that mean? Is that because we feed on humans? Because we think nothing about killing them? Because we feel a certain amount of pleasure in their pain and terror? But if that is our nature then how can a moral judgment be put on it?

Often vampires give up their own blood to seek out and kill certain humans ‘ those who are called hunters. The hunters are specially trained to kill us vampires. Can hunting down and killing those who enter our city to kill us be considered anything but praise worthy?

And what about those who not only feed on humans but take particular joy in torturing them? The ones who make it a hobby to increase their agony and prolong it as long as possible. Are vampires with such proclivities more wicked than those who don’t? Well, to me, such acts are too much and not enough. The thing about a human is that they’re mortal. They die. You can’t prolong their suffering forever, so why bother?

So is evil a human concept that doesn’t apply to vampires at all? Well, what about being evil to your fellow vampires?

First, let’s examine those who attempt this individually first. How well do they succeed. We’ve all seen them in the halls. With little or no backup, they insult and threaten the most powerful vampires and just won’t stop. Sort of reminds me of a definition of arrogance I once heard ‘ a flea climbing on an elephant’s back with rape on its mind. There’s a lot you might call such vamps, but evil doesn’t come to mind.

Finally, there is collectively - membership in an evil clan. To be a member of an evil clan you have to have at least proved your ability to do some damage in a fight and to play well with others. So this seems to be a good place for an evil vampire to prove how evil they are. But, if you notice, evil clans just don’t seem to last. After they conquer those who they were formed to conquer, they seem to self-destruct.

As vampires, we are on the other side of the goodness spectrum. We have no conscience. We commit unspeakable acts, brag about them and quickly forget them. But like most vampires, that just isn’t enough for me. Who wants to be just average? If I’m to be evil, I want to be big-time evil. An arch-villain. A big-bad, if you will. But how to accomplish this without wasting your time or becoming laughably annoying?

I’m going to explore the most effective ways of being more evil than most. I’ll be sure to report anything useful that I find.



Well done I look forward to reading your words and learning

Sade (Shadowsshade) Ward of the Wolf Etain SIE Hesus now and forever


Yay! Finally something for the evilly-challanged(?) Congrats to the Grim for snagging the enchantingly evil PT Fang!

Marlena PT Fang Fan Es’s