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In keeping with twylyte’s curiousity of city events that abound in our fair city, the illustrious, or is that infamous?, sangfroid has very graciously agreed to answer my questions from time to time. The following is a recording of our most recent conversation we felt would enlighten others who may have questions as well.

twylyte: sangfroid,I’m a bit confused and obviously suffering from deja vu.

Why are the events occuring in Serpahim reminding me of old times in AA?

The fires, destruction of files, general chaos and mayhem. Where is yankees suck in all this? Is this a new arising of yankees suck or something simply mirrored?

sangfroid: Well twy,history has a way of repeating itself and originality is usually hard to come by in this city, so it seems inevitable that a lack of imagination would strike again. In Seraphim’s desire to be Archangels away from Archangel, they ended up emulating the clan to a remarkable degree.

Avigon’s protestations that she didn’t want overall power and then throwing everyone out. It seems those two have so much more in common than either would care to admit!! Same clan structure, same vampires, same public humiliation!! It just goes to show that the only way to BE free is to think free, not just proclaim your freedom!!

The flames are supposed to cleanse, or so I’ve heard, however, you can get burnt and you can never quite get that smell of smoke out of your clothes! Seraphim reminds me of a cracked mirror, with shards scattered all over. The only question that is really important, is who is going to inherit the 7 years bad luck??? chuckles

twylyte: gigglesThank you sang! That explains the burnt feather smell that seems to be abounding recently, and the sense of deja vu.

It will be interesting indeed to see who does have the bad luck……

Brought to you by twylyte and sangfroid from the lovely Compound at Raven and 13th The Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightment



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