Exiled Seraphim: Straight from the mouths of the former Parliament members….

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As was previously reported on the Grimoire, Avigon removed six members of Clan Seraphim, including Prime Minister Arsanga Ramirez ó Cionaoith and two members of Parliament, Murrz Ramirez ó Cionaoith and Damia Morgan Gregory ó Cionaoith. While the news resounded through the city, Seyda was able to sit down with both Murrz and Damia and get their thoughts on today’s events.

Seyda: My first question would be, when did you first discover this had occurred and what was your reaction?

Murrz: I laughed, because I didn’t realise Avigon and her few supporters were stupid enough to kill the Clan like that.

Seyda: From what I saw, you had the best relationship with Moirai. Would you have expected this out of him, and if so, do you think Avigon made a deal with the devil?

Murrz: I did? Ummm, I thought Arsanga had the better friendship with him, but I don’t know. I think he is a great advantage to whatever Clan he is in, but that he will soon tire of having a weak leader who cannot lead. But no, I didn’t see him joining them…

Seyda: Well, if your wife had the better friendship, do you think there could be a ruse in the works?

Murrz: I doubt it, since Arsanga is away on holiday just now. I think it’s a case of Moirai making a small mistake in judgement without hearing both sides of it.

Seyda: So Arsanga isn’t aware yet that this has occurred?

Murrz: She is - I sent her a postcard, although I was sorry to take her mind off the beach and palm trees.

Seyda: If the clan had been restructured to eliminate the Regent position, why did Arsanga continue to allow Avigon the ability of full access to the Castle?

Murrz: She trusted Avigon, and reckoned that while she was away on holiday Avigon wouldn’t pull anything stupid… a BIG case of mistaken judgement.

Seyda: Speaking of Avigon, what are your opinions on her ability to lead this new Seraphim into the future?

Murrz: She will lead them straight into a pit where those who are loyal to her will swear blind they see sunlight, and those who aren’t quite so loyal will start thinking that the ladders back out of the pit look appealing…

Seyda: Okay, so what now for Murzz?

Murrz: I want to start the Clan of the Ostrich, but I have been told no far animals allowed in general, just seeing who wants to be where, and probably starting a new Clan to house those who want to stay together but who don’t wish to be under Avigon.

Seyda: So, it’s safe to say that you guys will rise out of this better than ever?

Murrz: Yes. We are rid of things that have been holding us back, and those who are still with us will be much more focused and determined than before.

Seyda: Sounds great. Well, Murzz, thank you for your time, and please send along my congratulations or condolences along to your wife…whichever one she finds appropriate…

Murrz: Hehe, will do.

Seyda: Damia, when did you first discover this had occurred and what was your reaction?

Damia: I discovered it from a few notes left to me by my sire and Murrz and a few upset clan members who wanted explanations. My reaction? I wasn’t surprised. I told Ars she would do this and I sadly was right.

Seyda: What gave you the thought that this would occur?

Damia: shrugs I guess I just know Avi, she’s not dumb by any means and she knew damn well a lot of people were not happy in Seraphim with how things were going, as the conf she’s shooting around showed. Not to mention when I had clan members coming to me saying Spinner was feeling them out and trying to hint things about me and Arsanga, I think I knew then she might try it. But Arsanga trusted her and I hoped Avi would not fail that trust.

Seyda: Do you think Spinner pushed for this result?

Damia: I think she had a hand in it. Because Avi is her sire and she was not happy when she resigned. So who’s to know. But I do find it interesting that a few days before this she was trying to feel out all the clan members on if Avi should get put back in power.

Seyda: What is the general opinion of the members who were exiled?

Damia: I think some of the opinion is sadness along with relief. Sadness that we had to leave a home many of us built from the ground up and that a few of those we cared about may end up believing Avigon. On my part I have some relief as prior to this a lot of this was causing stress in the clan. Because nobody wanted Avigon to leave like she threatened to many times, but some of us were tired of covering up for her.

Seyda: What do you mean by covering up?

Damia: Well, I’m not going to air all the dirty laundry out. But let’s just say some of us were not pleased when we had to answer for Avi’s actions time after time again outside and inside the clan.

Seyda: So, I’m assuming a new clan is in the works?

Damia: Well we certainly need a new home. Though I’m sure we could just sleep around in RB streets. But for some reason I’m more inclined to want a comfy bed. ;)

Seyda: chuckles I can loan you the Republic’s garage. I think I have a few cots in there. Would be perfect for exiles such as yourselves.

Damia: Gee thanks hehe

Seyda: Hey, I’m always the philanthropist. Have you received any word from your sire as to her thoughts on this?

Damia: Not yet but soon enough she will be back and I’m sure telling her piece in the most gravious way possible lol

Seyda: Haha…well, when she returns from holiday, make sure to have her give me a call. Thank you very much for your time, and if you really do need a bed for tonight, just let me know.

Damia: Thanks dear hug and thanks for listening.

Seyda: No problem.