Seraphim… The Story Behind the Story

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Part 2 ‘The Seeds of Deceit’

Avigon, Arsanga, Naomi, Tian and yankees suck… yes many of us know them well. Arsanga and Naomi ran the secret spy ring in AA and had spies covering the city, they were good, really good. They had been close to Archangel before he left the clan as leader, and it is said that he considered Arsanga his daughter.

Hesu did not have any relationship with Archangel at all. Word is that most of the newer members of the clan, only recieved their information about him from the clan members itself. Hesu was running the school, which had an enormous amount of students at the time and was growing and she was the most active leader, running more than four spheres at a time. Generally, all of the members came to her for everything, and it was an emotional time. When Archangel decreed that Mooncalf would be joining the clan, the proverbial shit hit the fan.

yankees suck, Avigon, Sapphira, Mordecai, and quite a few others were meeting in secret and were plotting in a seperate hall. yankees suck was recruiting for this secret group in the clan and on February 17 2005 came to Hesu expecting her to join. Unfortunately, what she did not know, was that the plan was created based on the belief that she would follow, yankees suck knew that most of the loyalty was to her. So, as she was away, the plot thickened.

When Hesu returned, she found out that yankee had been recruiting and gaining a following; a following that believed that she was plotting with him. Hesu informed Tian and yankees suck, that if Archangel was as bad as they said, then she was not leaving her students to be tortured by a tyrant and that they were cowards for leaving. Eventually, yankee recruited to the wrong vampire… namely Vegeta, who promptly ran to Archangel causing a mass migration of the traitors to begin. One after one they posted and left. Yet Naomi and Arsanga stayed, being that they had yet to be implicated. Arsanga was even in the Archangel High Council, having access to all of the most pertinent knowledge.

Around this time, Hesu agreed to become Left Hand. yankees suck left, taking a bunch of history files with him and destroying them in the process. kittyHASclaws was livid, having been the one that had carefully procured those files and yank began harassing the current clan members. His plan was to annoy, intimidate, bad mouth and harass the vampires that chose to stay via instant scrolls, email, phone, in the city, and anything else they could think of to break them away from the clan. This caused a highly emotional and dramatic response from all still within the walls of AA. As a result of this tactic, Hesu was up late night after night, dealing with panic stricken and crying vampires… the arrogant Murrz Ramirez, who had chosen to stand ground next to Hesu, even breaking down himself to her at one time. Hesu could not understand why her beloved yankee had turned so quickly. He announced that he had gone evil and he would never stop his harassment until Archangel stepped down, Mooncalf was dethroned and the rightful members of the clan had the wheel.

Talks between Hesu and yank deteriorated. The order to have yankee zeroed was set forth and continual zeroing’s began under Hesus command. yankee refused to rest, he used a thrall called Yankees Suck to interfere and his barrage of harassment continued. Meanwhile, Hesu was begging Arch to boot Arsanga and Naomi. It was quite obvious Arsanga would follow her close friends and ties, but Archangel refused, decreeing that she was his daughter and to be trusted, even though ALL of the evidence pointed otherwise. The clan was in turmoil, even Damia Morgan, close and loyal friend to Hesu, was faltering back and forth. Vampires would join the new group, still be in AA then quit… there was no way to tell who was friend or foe and tensions were extremely high. In all of this, Archangel, Mooncalf and evilchicken were said to be almost completely MIA and Hesu, one with little or no leader experience, was handling it all.

Clan Archangel was falling apart at the seams and Seraphim was soon to be born.