Seraphim… The Story Behind the Story

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Part 3 ‘The Seeds of Betrayal… a Time Line’

Avigon, Tian, yankees suck, Sadiablo, Didijo, DarkestAngel, Cavir had all left. ALL had gone on to create Seraphim but Cavir, who went rogue and is a loner to this day.

February 19, 2005: Arsanga declares her love and loyalty to the clan… all the while plotting with the others that have left. Sapphira appears to be wavering but acting as if her loyalty could not be swayed and Damia appears to be wildly jumping back and forth. Archangel is convinced that Arsanga will never betray him, although Hesu consistently points out evidence proving otherwise. kittyHASclaws has ceaselessly been attacking yankees suck for stealing and destroying the Goodwill database that held all of the clan’s history and Murrz Ramirez takes over as leader of the Goodwill Realm. Murrz and Hesu grow close; he is hard hit by his closest friends leaving and leans on Hesu heavily.

February 20, 2005: Hesu takes the position of Left Hand and condemns the traitors. yanks harassment continues, and is reminiscent of terrorism. The soon to be Seraphim endorses yank, as he goes on a rampage of harassment on the weaker CAA members, repeatedly contacting the them via every medium available, and barraging them with an assault of propaganda. kittyHASclaws is attacking him with fervor, yet beyond that the clan is turning back towards its normalcy.

February 26, 2005: sapphira and Mordecai invite yankees sucks to their wedding and not Archangel… their days in CAA are numbered

February 27, 2005: yank calls a truce as long as kittyHASclaws forgives him. He claims he will stand down and stop harassing the clan. Archangel declines the offer and Hesu joins in on the zeroing of yankees suck. The issues escalate and by March 3rd, Hesu and yank go toe to toe in private. Hesu and yank had been close prior to the treachery incurred on the Archangels and it was time they had a face to face chat. Unwilling to share the details of this conversation, yankees suck agreed to leave the city for an undetermined amount of time and was gone.

March 5, 2005: Arsanga’s lies are uncovered by Hesu and she is booted from the clan to finish building Seraphim. Naomi and Damia follow her, all having been maintaining dual loyalty, Damia appearing mostly just hurt and torn.

March 6, 2005; Seraphim is built on the basis of evilchicken being the true “Liege” of CAA and Seraphim is designed to be an exact duplicate of CAA except as a Democracy. No one in Seraphim seems to notice that it was evilichicken that made Archangel Liege and backed him 100%, even at this juncture.

March 8, 2005: Things settle in CAA for a bit, but as time goes by Hesu is constantly questioned about Murrz and his loyalty. She has suspicions and some evidence he may not be completely loyal, but chooses to stand by him regardless. Murrz decrees his undying loyalty to the clan and to Hesu and announces it in the clan hall as well as the public halls. Hesu stakes her reputation on his loyalty to the other CAA leaders including Archangel, kittyHASclaws, evilchicken, and Mooncalf.

March 10, 2005 Seraphim was official.

April 1, 2005 Hesu witnesses a familiar syntax in a voice she hears in a recording of a vampire called Banchier and knows innately this vampire is Murrz Ramirez in disguise. Some events soon occur that cause the other leaders to question Murrz’s loyalty again and Avigon sends evidence to evilchicken that turns Murrz in as a traitor. To this day, no one knows why Murrz was outted by Avigon, only she would know and is free to respond in kind. Hesu is forced to boot him from the clan and then beg forgiveness to the other leaders of CAA.

April 2, 2005 Murrz is booted from the clan.

The treachery was at an end… or was it?



I believe that you are speaking of the vampiress DarkAngelG13, or something of that nature. ‘DarkestAngel’ was never a part of AA, though ‘DarkestAngel70’ became a part at a MUCH later date, and is now bond to BloodGod. Also, Sadiablo was never in CAA, he was an ambassador from the Scourge of Darkness, and Avigon’s partner at the time.

There are FAR too many names that can be mussed when speaking of CAA history.

~Victoire de Novek

Damia Morgan

First off thank you for doing a bit of editing..

second– “The soon to be Seraphim endorses yank, as he goes on a rampage of harassment on the weaker CAA members, repeatedly contacting the them via every medium available, and barraging them with an assault of propaganda.”

Sorry if I am nitpicking But…

O.o where in the heck do you get your info honestly…Again half of seraphim was never in AA and second who said any of us that became seraphim agreed or endorsed yankee? Honestly..This is why I mentioned earlier about speaking for others. Unless again you did interviews and I just dont know about them…

Now I myself agreed with him about a few things but I never remember endorsing the fact that he go around and “harrass” anybody and most definetly not younger CAA members…

Now Im not angry or even annoyed that most of this is biased. Thats quite all right with me.shurgs Everybody is allowed their own view on what happens in this city. BUT…I refuse to let anybody speak for me personal or general sense. And espcially if they arent in mine or others heads.

Damia ó Cionaoith Wifey of Dilectus Mother of Many Eye of the Phoenix

Damia Morgan

I notice this is under news. So can I point out..that unless you are the one who is being spoken about, could you please not speak for me or the others at least? Id appreciate it. Its one thing to say “they apppeared to be” Its another to just speak for someone. bows and goes to read the rest of the paper

Damia ó Cionaoith Wifey of Dilectus Mother of Many Eye of the Phoenix


grins y’know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone still holds a grudge over being played… ;)

~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Mother of the Phoenix Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez SotP


History is not bitter… it is simply history



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