HoH Kills a Dream

less than 1 minute read

HoH took it upon themselves to put UnicornDream out of her misery. Quoting AQelDroma “She just needed to be killed”

According to AQel, UnicornDream deserves no explanation and anyone mouthing off with 1.5k BP seems to be asking for it.

UnicornDream has had quite a few past transgressions with the formidable HoH, including a debt owed to Pandrora.

AQel claims Pandrora got the kill, because UnicornDream was the one that re-zeroed her while she was still resting during the DA vs KoH war.

HoH completed the zeroing in less than 30 minutes. They kept the killing inside their own house, not involving the usual other suspects.

AQel scrolled first, then Annabelle and Pandrora finished her off. Some may believe that pay back is a bitch… or is that karma?