PT Barnum Steals the Keys

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In an act quite similar to the recent Seraphim debacle… PTBarnum, co leader of LoSD and his newly bound companion Charmed Witch, stealthily stole the keys from their long standing Queen tgcsmith and tossed her to the curb without looking back.

tgcsmith and PTBarnum had been companions for quite sometime, when a notoriously troublesome vampire joined the clan and began a series of manipulative events that ended the once loving couples very binding.

Somehow, some level of civility was maintained and both remained leaders of the clan. Apparently, it wasnt quite as civil as previously believed, now that PTBarnum is safe and sound in his bed with his companion and a hurt and confused tgcsmith is out on her ass on the street, glaring at the gates of the clan she had a huge part in creating.

The only statement tgcsmith wished to make at this time was “I am not going to take this laying down.” tgcsmith will take refuge with her supportive family as she plots her response.



From someone who has been through a similar situation, my heart goes out to tgc. In my PR dealings, she was professional yet compassionate, and showed true intuitive leadership. It was my pleasure to work with her, and I hope I get the opportunity to again.

To tgc,

I wish only the best for you. If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck.

Gringa SotP


Dear PT:

Family for family my friend…you should think before you strike.

Seyda Consul Republic of Ravenblack Enforcers of Enlightenment


Although I have moved on for pastures new, I have not forgotten that the League of Shadow Demons was the only clan in this city I was ever a part of, and tgcsmith a kind and sympathetic teacher.

PTBarnum, it is a small world … I am sure we shall meet again and I am sure it will be to your detriment