An Interview with Lady What The of The Inner Circle aka TiC

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Dusk had finally settled, its inky darkness oozed over the city allowing the night dwellers entry.

Sade walked through the streets and heard the smash of glass and the hiss as holy water landed on someone.

Turning to Etain he smiled I wonder who’s getting a shower darling lets go look”

The little wolf vanished and appeared onto of the closest building and went to the ledge looking over, Sade climbed up and looked down at the group

“Well girl I am thinking that’s The Inner Circle and where they are Lady What The can’t be far away”

Watching the battle Sade smiled when he remembered back battling with TIC against some enemy long forgotten.

“I wonder if she would mind if I gave her an interview”

Walking over the edge and landing on the ground before the assembled group Sade smiled and waved “hello all you lot, is lady What The around?”

Hearing a familiar voice Lady What The turned to see Sade standing before a few of her warriors asking for her. ‘Sade’ is that you?’ she said.

Turning at the sound of a voice Sade smiled “Hello Lady can I pester you for an interview”

The woman before him stood proud and strong before him Sade had always wondered who in their right mind would battle such but then he knew there was always someone out there willing to try their arm.

‘An interview?’ she said surprised.

“Come sit I have a couple of bottles of Blood I just happen to carry with me”

Glancing at the bottles of blood Sade had produced from his pouch, she smiled. ‘I am feeling rather parched actually, thank you dear.’ She gave him a nod signalling a nearby bench seat where they could sit for a spell.

‘So What The I have always wanted to know where the name comes from are you free to tell me?’

‘Ah my name, well I would love to tell you it came from some ancient Goddess of love or other,’ she chuckled ‘However when I first arrived in the city, I was rather dazed and heard a distant voice cry out What The, and it became the very first thing that came to my lips and well it kind of stuck. It still never ceases to amuse me.’

Nodding and pulling the stopper out of the bottle and handing it to the lady.

She couldn’t resist inspecting the bottle to check out its vintage, although it was irrelevant to her thirst this eve.

‘So tell me what’s it like being one of the leaders of one of the most feared clans in the city?’

‘Well The Inner Circle’s reputation speaks for itself. We have been around for quite a long time now and have established ourselves firmly. Leading this prestigious clan simply fills me with pride.’

‘Do you find it easy to meet new vampires mainly because they are to scared to speak with you?’

‘Oh I often meet new Pires in the city, and although I am far from unapproachable, some do tend to be somewhat apprehensive at times.’

‘Where did you originate? If not sired in the city how did you find it?’

‘Many years ago I came across a note that the breeze had delivered to my feet. It was of an unusual parchment that I’d not seen before and on picking it up I realized it contained an address. As I began to read, it faded and vanished in my hand right before my eyes. As my view changed I felt pain. A sudden rush of coldness that sank into my very bones. The soft whisper of a voice. Blinking in surprise, I unexpectedly found myself here, as one of the undead.’

‘How long have you been on the earth for (some of our brethren are very very old and musty .not saying you are’ gulp)

Laughing she playfully nudged him. ‘I indeed may have been around since the creation of time here in RavenBlack, God knows it feels like it some nights too, however I was a mere 26 when I arrived and I’m told I don’t look a day older’ she said as she adjusted her crimson bustier. ;)

‘Are you bound to anyone in the city? How long for, how did you meet?’

‘Yes’ she nodded ‘I am bound to The Hegemon, one of the most brutal warriors in the entire city of RavenBlack, have been for about 2 years now, although we’ve been inseparable for closer to 3 years. We met on the battlefield actually. At the time we were in fact worst enemies, I was a Capadocian leader back then, and Hedgie was leader of one of our fiercest enemies Black Haven.’ she smiled as she reminisced. ‘We were in fact trying to kill each other. His unique style in which he so powerfully handled his weapons and oh those rippling muscles fans her face certainly caught my attention. Hedgie is beyond doubt one of a kind.’

‘Now I have heard rumours of your theft ability and you are a legend at it how do you pick a mark?’

Taking a sip, she near choked on the warm blood as she tried to stifle a giggle as the fond memories flooded back. ‘Ahh those were the days’ she sighed. Placing a hand into her pouch she rummage around in there for a moment before producing an old platinum badge that was engraved and given to her that simply read DM Stalker

‘In the earlier days thieving was once, well, more of a real challenge in the city, none of this yellow glow and jingling of coins could be seen or heard. One had to have a real skill, an intuitive knack for thieving; it could almost be described as an art. In fact I possessed a few strategies and had them down to a fine art with the way I acquired my wealth. Discount Magic, (a favoured shopping haunt of mine), and not surprisingly appeared to be the favourite of many others also was usually quite full of activity. Whilest I browsed the merchandise I often found many careless pires enter the shop and merely take too long in inspecting the goods, so I would simply lighten their wallets ;). Some, however appeared to have no faith in the effectiveness of holy water from a discount shop, although I can assure you it’s just as good as full price stores.’

‘In your travels in the city you are bound to have made some interesting friends and enemies who are the two largest in both categories?’

‘Hmmm’ she pondered for a moment. ‘Well I’d have to say most that I’ve met have many qualities, each defining their own individual styles and personalities. Both ophelia and UnicornDream have both been a constant in my unlife for many years now; however all of my friends are very dear to me and unique in their own way.’

‘My enemies? I have any?’ she chuckled. ‘Well I guess I could mention Cappy boy, he’d be disappointed not to get a mention, even though he enjoys the sound of his own voice much more. A delusional old fool often talks to himself, am surprised he’s not totally blind by now, you know what they say as all mothers warn their sons to leave it alone or they’ll go blind, but I guess as usual his ears were always painted on, as he never listens.’ A few others I guess that I could say I’m not particularly fond of, though enemies as such if I have any, it is by their own deeds that they are such things, not mine.

‘Do you colour your holy water for effect of just love the sizzle of it and keep it basic?’

Laughing she replied, ‘Well we never discriminate, regardless of colour even with our Holy Water, they all have much the same effect, it’s merely the way one delivers it.’

‘Some may simply toss a holy water lacking effort or regard for aim at ones opponent and move on, yet when a holy water is served with the thunder and passion of a true seasoned warrior the results can of course fire the excitement and enhance the pleasure of a kill. The sizzle of burnt flesh is always pleasant; however, the screams of pain from various recipients are in my opinion, pure music to my ears.’

‘You have a large personal family who’s your favourite childer and why?’

‘My beloved childer are all very special to me. A mother would never truly favour one over another, each are unique with their own distinctive personalities. I sincerely love them all equally.’

‘What do you find most exciting in the city?’ (No I mean when waring sheesh).

‘You must understand that The Inner Circle does not look for war, never has. When war has time and again come to our door knocking, we take care of it as one would a privileged guest, generously giving it nothing but our best. But, if I had to say what was the exciting part of it…. I would have to say the look in a victims eyes as they slowly begin to realise that attacking The Inner Circle was not such a good idea after all.” she winked.

‘So what colour do you think suits your personality best?’

‘Well, if I had to choose one, I would say a rich deep red. It fits so many facets of unlife so perfectly. The colour of vengeance when one sees red and the colour of an opponent’s spilt blood, yet could also relate to the colour of love for ones family, even the colour of red hot passion one shares privately with their partner, blushes, and of course the colour of our cuisine, errr including blood cherry cheesecake of course,’ she chuckled.

Empting the last drops of the bottle Sade smiled. ‘Thank you for your time Lady What The. I hope I didn’t bug you to much.’ Reaching out and giving her a hug

‘Not at all hun, anytime. Tis always a pleasure.’ she smiled returning his embrace. ‘Be well dear.’

See you in the streets milady