PTBarnum’s Story of the Rise and Fall of Power

2 minute read

In a candid interview, I spoke with PTBarnum. The details of the interview to me, clarify the recent convoluted events occurring within LoSD.

This clan has now endured an unprecedented number of leadership hand offs by coup in the short matter of 24 hours. Currently landing in the hands of DarkestDesire, a vampire that had not so long ago claimed that she had left the city for good.

Meeting in a quiet out of the way place, PT seemed relaxed, almost relieved and we joked about the recent events as he spoke with great candor.

PT Barnum: seems instead of writing the news I made the news Hesu: no kidding Hesu: yanno Hesu: that wasn’t my intent Hesu: maybe I didnt DESCRIBE it well Hesu: ha ha ha Hesu: wriiiiite the news Hesu: not maaaake the news PT Barnum: lol I’ll get that next time maybe Hesu: so what the heck is happening? PT Barnum: nods Well after a meeting with Secret on the cell phone and based on her words to me I decided to have a leaders meeting to toss tgc from LoSD. That happened as we all know. Hesu: yes PT Barnum: Well it seems that Secret started to have 2nd thoughts about the whole idea PT Barnum: and at this point I get a little confused PT Barnum: me and Secret talked last night I told her we knew it would be tough PT Barnum: We knew that clans and vamps were going to be upset with us PT Barnum: that we had to stay strong and show that the power was in the right hands PT Barnum: Well I guess that DD (editors note, DD being DarkestDesire)contacted Secret and Secret let DD back in LoSD PT Barnum: then somehow I’m thrown from the clan and join tgc on the streets PT Barnum: now DD has taken the throne of LoSD and is in charge Hesu: whose original idea was it? Hesu: Secret or you? PT Barnum: to toss tgc mine Hesu: *nods Hesu: so what do you do now? PT Barnum: Well I’ve had talks with Secret and DD. DD has said I’m welcome back at LoSD but not as King. they have other titles and roles to be played. I’m working on forming my own b/c I’ve been King for to long now to accept anything else Hesu: I see Hesu: will some of LoSD follow you? PT Barnum: Yes some will follow. I will not try to convince them to come or make them choose sides that’s not my style or how I play it. if they want to come they have made it known to me and I’ve arranged for us a meeting place.

We spoke of personal and friendly things and of course about the sudden and unexpected binding of tgcsmith to Fluffy, a much hated and extremely volatile vampire that was the initial cause of the break up between PT and tgc. PT remained calmed and collected, even jovial at times. Then we both finished our bloodwines and parted ways.

PT has promised to keep in touch with me about any further developments