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::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Allurists Guilds
 Charisma 1: 1000 coins + have 3 vampires say " sent me".
 Charisma 2: 3000 coins + have 6 vampires say " sent me".
 Charisma 3: 5000 coins + have 9 vampires say " sent me".

::: Detailed Description :::

Charisma (3 Levels Available): A vampire with Charisma can get directions from humans more quickly, and discounts on purchases (in pubs, 10%, 20% and 30%; in shops, 3%, 7% and 10% as level increases). *QUESTING POWER* The quest for this power requires you to get OTHER vampires to work with you in obtaining it. When you pay for the quest, you're told to convince a certain number of "prestigious" vampires (any vamp with over 500BP) to go to a specific pub and say " sent me". NOTE: DO NOT GO INTO THE PUB YOURSELF OR YOU WILL FAIL!!!!!!

::: Sample Quest Texts :::

"The Allurists Guild informs you that business near has been slow lately. Persuade 3 prestigious vampires (with at least 500 blood) to visit {Pub Name) there and tell the bartender " sent me". You have ten days. You must not set foot inside the pub yourself during the quest - drunks give us a bad name." -------------- When someone in the pub says your vamp sent them, they get this message: The barman says "Excellent." A shadowy figure in the corner smiles, and makes a note. -------------- When someone is the last one needed says you sent them, they see: The barman says "Excellent." A shadowy figure in the corner smiles, makes a note, and leaves. -------------- When they see that, and the "shadowy figure" leaves, your quest is complete. The next time you log on (or move if you're already playing) after your quest is finished, you will see this text: You feel a rush of confidence course through your body. It's as though you have become more comfortable with yourself and those around you. You have gained a level of CHARISMA.