The Immolator’s Guilds

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The Splinters of Dusk are feared throughout the city. In this, her first published work since her controversial resignation, Dread, founder and ex-leader of the Eventide, talks frankly of the origins of the Splinters and their links to the shadowy Immolator’s Guild

The Immolators Guilds in Ravenblack City live primarily by a message that instills fear into most vampires: Power is not an aspect of blood. Their ruthless disregard for bloodpoints has brought us the power of Stamina, one of the arguably most versatile and effect powers in the city, giving a vampire with no blood and full Stamina more action point reserves than one without Stamina might have at a good three million bloodpoints. In short, it’s ridiculously powerful.

When I created the Splinters of Dusk clan, ‘power is not an aspect of blood’ was our tagline. It was only quite a bit later that I realised how similar the two clans, the one player-driven and the other NPC-driven, really were.

In light of the similarity, I began to weave a history for the Immolators Guilds that would tangent our clan. It made no sense to me that we would not have spawned off that Guild, it was a natural assumption, and accordingly, that is how it stands.

Please note that I am no longer part of the Splinters of Dusk - in fact, I am not even the gamemaster of the Immolators Guild history anymore, I gave it to Dallas, a good friend of mine in the Sun Clan, who has served roleplaying well by being my co-gamemaster in Crimson Feather. How it will develope henceforth, I do not know, but I know I look at it with some eagerness.

For the curious, Umbrella and 44th really does harbour a lair called Steele Industries. It is mine and I will preserve it indefinitely, despite what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I believe I owe the game that has changed my life so much at least that tribute.

I hope you’ll find the pages of this book to be enlightening, and, possibly far more important, entertaining.



Madeye, you flatter me and my ex-clan with those words. Feared? Controversial? If you say so, okay! ^_~

“Don’t be careful, be immortal,” - Noko 440


:lol: Several weeks later pinkgothic wanders by the site to check it out :P I am a tabloid journalist at heart - had to spice it up a little