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I guess ophelia isnt going to post her own zeroing!

So Much for So Little

4 minute read

Yes yes, the war rages, rather limps… maybe even crawls along. More vampires dead here and there but no huge explosions, no extravagant funeral processions,...

Marlena Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

….by members of the HoH Alliance Comments Moirai Was a good time had by all! -Moirai

Altania Zero’d

less than 1 minute read

Zero’d this evening by the CoB and ‘their alliance’

The Biggest Swindle of the Century.

7 minute read

Right here in Ravenblack City’we have what could be the biggest rob known to the city to date. Rev Awk, a former member of Clan de Beljeferon, walked out hi...

epona zero’d

less than 1 minute read

..for the second time last night by members of AoF


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Both of the Editors, Hesu the Editor in Chief and Seyda the Assistant Editor, are on vacation. One due to zeroing and one due to having just flown back into ...