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Noches Oscuras Dead and Buried

1 minute read

In yet another unexpected turn of events, Shaarinya has severed herself from her partner jimmher, who is currently dead and buried but reportedly returning f...

No Weenies

less than 1 minute read

The call went out throughout the land. “No weenies, no weenies…”

Vampires are strange….

less than 1 minute read

Asmia has gained her very first childer of her unlife. In a quiet binding ceremony the lovely Asmia took lestrange as her childer and added yet another fine ...

TGCsmith Gets the Boot Again

less than 1 minute read

TGCsmith has had her citizenship stripped and revoked from The Republic of Ravenblack aka RoR. In speaking with Head Consul Seyda, she sites irreconcilable d...


1 minute read

For some reason many of the replies are now moderated and I have to pump them thru manually. I have emailed Matt, but he is MIA.

DOA Attacked

4 minute read

The new clan Demons, Outlaws and Angels aka DOA were attacked this evening, by what the annonymous contact called “a few ruffians” claiming that if the DOA c...