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To Toe the Line

4 minute read

Honour and integrity… what else do vampires really have? Being of the undead, soulless beings are we, but what are our moral codes? Do we really have any tha...

Kasandra zeroed….finally

less than 1 minute read

After three days of attacks by members of Noches Oscuras and other clans, the final blow was delivered by…well, yours truly.

ophelia and EvilBill?

1 minute read

In a bizarre twist of fate… it appears that The Church of Blood aka CoB members. EvilBills former wife ophelia, and her newest companion NiFlhEiM, are involv...

What the…?

less than 1 minute read

What The sired by Vermathrax-rex

Ask Mistress Sanguine

1 minute read

Dear Mistress Sanguine, What if I know of a certain pire who has actively bashed his clan leaders, threatened to take on various pyres of power in the city, ...

Traut! :P

less than 1 minute read

hey dude. This is obviously completely anonymous lol, just want you to know that i love you lots and i can’t wait for friday :evil: hehe :wink: xx

Keepin it all in the family

less than 1 minute read

Gypsum and Demon_boy bound today in a quiet ceremony attended by family and SIE members.