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road_wytch Is A Busy Boy

less than 1 minute read

Quietly attended by all 45 million family members… Lucius was sired to road_wytch tonight, in an uneventful ceremony full of joy and adulation. Gifts are not...

Nurse Gets Spooked

1 minute read

In a stunning turn of events ~not~… Yet another squirmish between the Lokason/af Gyllenstierna/de Furie family and the Capadocians. This time it is a persona...

Gypsum Sired by road_wytch

less than 1 minute read

In a quiet ceremony, attended only by close friends and family. Gypsum was sired by road_wytch. Making her officially Hesu’s true sister

Who Claims GOS Achilles?

3 minute read

It seems that errant throwing of weapons is running rampant in this city. This vampire, whoever the unlucky sod is, has been throwing Garlic Spray around li...


7 minute read

Ladies and gentlemen, in order to pay a tribute to the genius devil who has decided to take a vow of silence for some new mischievous sound-proof adventures ...