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Guild Locations

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Guilds moved on 20th Mar 2006 Next move: 24th Mar 2006 ** SEE NOTES FOR DETAILS ** Allurists Guild 1 is right next to Jaded and 7th Allurists Guild 2 is ri...

First Blood: Ophelia is Zeroed

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In a stunning reversal of fortunes, the Princess of Pain and Grimoire favourite, Psychophelia, was dramatically zeroed today with her husband, the angelic sn...

Guild locations

1 minute read

Guilds moved on 15th Mar 2006 Next move: 20th Mar 2006

Binding: NiFlhEiM and ophelia

less than 1 minute read

Comments Rose Bliven throws confetti and small babies Congrats to you both. hugs and stabs to both