Anjana’s Mark

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I would like to take this opportunity to repeat my earlier pronouncement in Ravenblack’s City so that it may be kept for posterity ;-)

“So shall it be!”. Madeye had real trouble supressing a grin, savouring the knowledge that for the second time today, he may shortly have the full and undivided attention of the assembled company. He stands up, absorbed in his own thoughts for a moment or two. A few notice this, and crane their necks for sight of a wolf, but on this occasion there is none.

He takes a deep breath, pauses briefly then addresses the assembly:

“My lords, ladies and gentlemen, vampires of high birth or low. I would like to announce the creation of a new accolade, christened Anjana’s Mark, in commemoration of the lady who first posed the question of how lowly a vampire could be and still warrant the hostility of a powerful lord. See post #4196 This distinction shall be conferred on any vampire of at least 5,000BP who manages to zero (or almost zero) a pire more lowly than the previous mark.”

“Which brings us to the question of the first recipient.” Warming to his theme, Madeye’s voice rises to a crescendo. “And I hereby announce that Anjana’s inaugral Mark stands at 211BP, and is held by gazingdarkness for his sterling work in disposing of that scoundrel SevenDeadly See post #4313. Well done sir!”

“And I would like to request all those present to bring to the attention of this hall any lowering of this mark. Either announce the new mark in the manner that I have here, or let me know and I shall do it. I thank you all for your time and would like to congratulate gazingdarkness on his achievement. I really don’t think that target is likely to be surpassed soon.