ANNOUNCEMENT: The Slave Auction

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Attention: Citizen’s of RavenBlack We Invite All to Participate in The Raven-Black Slave Auctions Females will be auctioned off on June 25th Males will be auctioned off on July 2nd Auctions begin at 11:00pm est and will continue until all slaves have been sold Rules: Limit of 1 slave per bidder. All Slaves will receive half of their final bidding price; The remaining coins will be placed into a pot. And one from each the male and female auctions will receive the remaining coinage. The slaves will be required to serve their Master for a Seven Day Period from time of payment; The Master CANNOT ask a slave to do anything sexual unless consensual before auction begins. Or Anything that would be considered a betrayal of their Clans. If Slaves have a companion They must receive their companions permission to enter prior to auction. Masters have Seven Days to pay the Auctioneer, Upon payment the slave begins their seven days.

For more information please contact: The Vampiress Mina (YM SN the_vampire_mina) or The Vampiress Tejas (ym sn tejas_dragon) *Any wishing to either purchase or to be a slave please contact Mina or Tejas before hand

For more information please go to</strong>