Random Psychos, COME ON DOWN!!!

1 minute read

In these uncertain times, it seems that random attacks are on the increase. Fledglings are finding more and more weaponry lying around, and using it. More entertainingly, some of the more psychotic warriors of repute are taking it upon themselves to wage single-handed wars on their enemies.

Welcome to the newest gameshow in town, Who Wants To Be A Sociopath? Loosely based on the Church of Blood’s Wheel of Freaks, but with more players, Who Wants To Be A Sociopath? pits two blood-crazed warriors in the race to single-handedly demolish a clan or other large grouping. The only prerequisite for entering is that you have to capitalise your name in a garish manner.

This weeks contestants are former angelic snowflake, NiFlhEiM of the Church of Blood and AdaMaS the Changeable, of, well, where hasn’t he been. NiFlhEiM’s chosen subject is the whole of Clan Messidor, while AdaMaS is taking on Lucius’ wedding party.

The game has been running a few days now. So far, NiFlhEiM, having gone ambitiously for by far the largest target, has attracted several penalties for involving his clan mates. Keep that up, Nif, and you’re out of the race. AdaMaS, on the other hand, has been quietly and efficiently working his way through his more realistic target, and, in our opinion, has the slight edge.

But, what we think doesn’t matter, because, it is you, the readers that shall decide who is craziest, meanest lone bad ass in town. We are running a reader poll here, so get out there and vote.

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