Guerilla Griefs Nuptials

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Source: The Dark Roost

The vampire AdaMaS has, in what may be his final acts in this city, taken it upon himself to stage lone attacks on Lucius and others of his wedding party.

AdaMaS had recently published his desire to retire to the confines of his castle, bemoaning the lack of true grit in the city today. Although his agenda is not entirely clear, it seems that he has a few loose ends to tie up before he walks away.

He has mounted repeated solo attacks on Lucius and Damari and others present at the Dark Roost. The bride and groom, others of the Temple of Lies and elements of the Ferrymen have all responded violently.

It is hard to ignore the similarities with NiFlhEiM and the Messidorians. In fact, AdaMaS was quoted as saying “NiFlhEiM had said a mear 8 hours and he’d be dead… Day 4 here we come…”.