CoB-Messidor Conflict Escalates

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Source: VADA

Reports are starting to come in of an escalation in the violence between the Church of Blood and clan Messidor. As previously reported here, NiFlhEiM had been waging a lone war with VcorinneV and others of her clan for some time, claiming he has a massive war chest and an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

Epona and Moirai, of the Church of Blood, visited VcorinneV Saturday. Epona led with the suggestion that perhaps the issues should be solved with a one-on-one between the Messidorean clan leader and NiFlhEiM. Moirai, in typically robust fashion, led with holy water.

While the full extent of the conflict remains unclear, the attacks are no longer the act of a lone renegade. In the event the Church of Blood attack in force, further escalation of the fighting can be expected.