OOC: Interview with the Human Behind Archangel

2 minute read

In an attempt to shed some light on the recent incidents happening around the Hall of Binding, the Ravenblack Grimoire approached the human behind Archangel for an in-depth interview. On account of his reclusive reputation, we were surprised when our request was granted.

Last night, the human behind Madeye conducted such an interview with Archangel’s human over IRC. Wishing to ascertain the impact of publishing such an interview, we showed the details to a number of individuals. The results were surprising: one acknowledged enemy of Clan Archangel suggested we should publish the interview in full, despite coming in for some heavy criticism.

However, a broad section of those approached have indicated that they have no interest in reading the interview, suggesting that these people should be starved of the oxygen of publicity at all costs. The human behind one female warrior of repute was quoted as saying “bashes her head on the desk fucking douche” in response to some of the statements contained within.

The Ravenblack Grimoire has no problem with publishing the difficult and dangerous stories, believing strongly that the community has a right to know what is going on. However, in this case, because of the highly emotive nature of the recent events, and the OOC nature of the interview, we feel that we should let the community decide.

We have included an excerpt from the interview below, to help people to make their own decision. We will run a poll here for one week: if the result is that the interview should be published, we will put it on the front page of the Grimoire. If not, we shall lock it away in the archives and forget about it.

<Archangel> I could go on for days about MUCH WORSE things that have happened to 
            our members, we just didn't go whining to Ravenblack about it
<Archangel> I cannot tell you how many times I've been used as a toilet by SIE seraphime and Cob
<Madeye> Can you give me examples of who said what to whom and when?
<Madeye> Concrete information
<Archangel> Me, my RH, my LH, our catles,...
<Archangel> castle
<Archangel> What you want names?
<Madeye> There is no value in reporting that you said this because it will simply not be believed
<Archangel> I know that, I'm telling you personally
<Madeye> Unless you can give me names and dates and what was said
<Archangel> I don't expect you to print that
<Madeye> Well, you can be certain I will not print it without supporting evidence
<Archangel> of course, but I want you to be able to see the situation through my eyes
<Madeye> I can see it through your eyes, I just can't prove it
<Madeye> May I ask about Avigon?