Spy, spy who’s got the spy

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Two alleged spies were exposed and routed from the camps of SIE and Seraphim after a war conference, implicating both clans of unnecessary aggression towards BloodGod, a member of Clan ArchAngel and husband of Tejas Dragon, a known target of previous aggression and harsh words from both Clans, was posted in the Halls of RavenBlack Alleyway, the home of Clan ArchAngel, who was not invited to said war conference for obvious reasons.

The alleged spies, Cadence, a relatively new member of Seraphim and Mandolin of SIE and the Priestess of Lies and Poetry in The Temple of Lies, were exiled from their clans. SIE, a self proclaimed peaceful clan, took up hostilities against Mandolin, the day following the zeroing of BloodGod. Because of her banishment from SIE, Mandolin was also cast from the Temple of Lies, apparently for lying.

In defense of the Clans, both groups have admitted to have known about everything but did nothing, because they wanted to think that they were wrong and to give both ladies a chance. Cadence was the person that the finger pointed to, and Mandolin was guilty by association. The alleged spies have both claimed innocence saying that they were never even shown proof of what they did, that the attack on Mandolin was unjustified and that the leak was obviously a frame job from a spy that knows his/her job better than the counter intelligence from both clans.

The last report that this reporter received was that after SIE had attacked Mandolin, in a stunning act of defiance, she hit the Leader of her attackers, the Lady Hesu, with a ‘face full of holy water’, gave her the finger and teleported to the Peacekeeper’s guild for Neutrality until she is charged with actual proof of her misdeeds or the real spy is routed.

Mandolin was also accepted back into Clan ArchAngel, after previously being exiled from CAA. After being attacked by SIE, CAA recanted their charges against her saying that ‘No one attacks our ex members but us.’

Cadence was not attacked by Seraphim and is currently on her honeymoon with Vicar, the ‘Guild Guy’ for the city after being partner bound to each other on Friday the 13th.



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Victoire, thanks, I will. I am aware there may be some factual inaccuracies in this story. It will probably be changed, but I need to speak to the author first.