Would you like to see the Princess of Pain (Ophelia) and the Comtesse de Cool (Damari) settle their differences with a duel?

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Anything to get her off my back for a few minutes :P


grins and curtsies

Why, TT’I’m wounded!

~gives you her best wounded girlie look~ ;)


awww.. well it’s just, I look around, and there you are blinks NiF will be getting jealous ;)



Taaaa…Gimmee back my blink!! ;P Of course you look around and there I am…waves around a shiney vial I’ve got to keep the stock in rotation and all you see nods sincerely

Rose Bliven

waves to her sexy Grammy Princess of Pain…rawr! I like it. Now, you need some theme music! :P

Drachen Dragosee

Well Ophelia, I know you are not my grammy yet, hehehe, but when Rose and I are bound you will be. I say Fight!!! Nothing wrong with some fun…hehehehe

~Drachen Dragosee Proud son of Carpathia Dragosee Owner of The Dragon Fang Rose’s Dragon