Princess of Pain and Comtesse de Cool Square Up

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Source: RBC

In a titilating sub-plot to this evenings duel between the Loki of Valhalla and the High Priest of Lies, Damari, Lucius’ wife, has squared up to Ophelia, Lucius’ ex-wife, in the halls of RBC, accusing her of having a chip on her shoulder. To add insult to injury, Damari rubbed salt into the wound by less than gently reminding Ophelia that her own husband, EvilBill, has not been around much lately.

It had been thought that the pair get along well, having been spotted chatting nicely in the exclusive members club, Notte Scura. However, this recent spat marks a serious deterioration in relations between the two. On her recent form, the vampiress the tabloids are dubbing Psychophelia is unlikely to respond to these taunts with a dandelion and a kiss on the cheek.

The Ravenblack Grimoire spoke to some of the pires milling around Anguish and 11th, waiting for this evenings fight. When asked whether they would perhaps like to see Ophelia and Damari in the ring, they mostly replied “Lucius who?” or just “Woohoo!”. The public would clearly like to see the two ladies settle their differences with a duel.



loves to see a good Duel every now and then



to Anguish and 11th.

I hear there’s something of a dueling nature at this location tomorrow night. smile

Spectator sport.. but still interesting..

Damari   ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


Drat… slurps coffee and plots the failure of an entire corporate computer system so she can go home


Here, let me help you out.

The route from Jackal & 27th to Anguish & 11th (45AP) is:

  1. NE x 3
  2. E x 10
  3. Take the transit from Calliope to Clio
  4. NE x 3
  5. N x 26


mmm Thanx…but I think I might teleport… :p…to lazy to walk

Lord BubbleKnight

Always a couch potato… dear, who made you that lazy? You should learn from daddy… who is always ready for some action… of any kind… hehehe ;)

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I’m not that LAZY….and i’m not a couch potato…I’m just tired…:p

and yes I know what u are able to do daddy…just not in the mood to hear it…