Dear Lucius

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Dear Lucius,

Vampires rule. Humans suck. Signed: anonymous.</strong>

Dear anonymous,

The forests will be less crammed as fewer city dwellers escape the summer’s heat. The birch, poplar, and aspen will burst into gold; the maple trees will explode in ruby. Little foraging animals will be easier to observe as the twilight ends each day a few minutes earlier. The red, pink and orange hues of the rising sun on the high delicate clouds of daybreak will make the chilly morning worth waiting for.

And sadly, you won’t see a minute of it.

I hope this helps.

Lucius Solves all your problems instantly - or your money back!

Dear Lucius,

I’d like to know why an influx of work always comes my way at 4.56pm each day? Signed: mAd cAp</strong>

mAd cAp, it’s been 25 years now that you are the parking lot attendant here in this building.


People are just going home. Now, hand me my ticket and stop asking me such stupid questions.

I hope this helps.

Lucius Solves all your problems instantly - or your money back!



Funny, you’d think it would be the vampires who suck… ponders

~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Prime Minister of Clan Seraphim Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez


Bite me. ;)


Well…if you insist…



I didn’t insist THAT much…


Approximately 2 minutes ago…. }:)


wags her finger You’re not to bite him during the duel.

And he’s not the only one you bit. rubs her neck Please take a step back so Lucius can finish this thing.

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


I did bite evil_live (sp?) too. And if I thought for an instant it would have made any difference to the outcome, I would never have done it. But it was fun. :).

And by the way my dear, you taste delicious. }:)